Pretty Structures 2011

This workshop is a collection of mathematically entertaining short courses, 2 to 3 hours each, aimed at discrete mathematically versed "street people", beginning graduate students in computational mathematics and so on.

It took place during the week 2nd to 6th may 2011 in the historic Hermite amphitheatre at the Institut Henri Poincare (IHP --- which has an excellent library, by the way), in the center of Paris.

Photos: here

Speakers (click on names to download the lecture notes)

Invited lectures will start at 9am every day and end at 5pm. We shall fill the slots 5pm-7pm with other (20-30min) presentations from the audience, as the need arises: please let us know if you are interested.

Invited speakers are paired up in (loosely) thematic sessions:

Breaks are 1045-1115 and 1545-1615, lunch is 1200-1400.

Doctoral students who attended the workshop are invited to submit lecture note / slide material to this website

Simply write an email with an attachment to

A related workshop (Algorithms and Pretty Theorems) was organized in 2010.

Pretty Structures 2011 took place in the week 2-6 may 2011 in the Hermite Amphitheatre of the historic Institut Henri Poincaré, in Paris' Latin Quarter, 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 5th arrondissement.