Khalil Ghorbal
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AI Abstract Interpretation
TP Theorem Proving
MC Model Checking
AAS Formal Verification of Avionic and Aerospace Systems
CA Convex Analysis
RAG Real Algebraic Geometry

Publications [DPLB]

AAS TP A formally verified hybrid system for the next-generation airborne collision avoidance system TACAS 2015
TP A hierarchy of proof rules for checking differential invariance of algebraic sets VMCAI 2015
RAG TP Invariance of conjunctions of polynomial equalities for algebraic differential equations SAS 2014
RAG AI TP Characterizing algebraic invariants by differential radical invariants TACAS 2014
AAS TP Hybrid theorem proving of aerospace systems: Applications and challenges JAIS 2014
TP On provably safe obstacle avoidance for autonomous robotic ground vehicles RSS 2013
CA AI Donut domains: Efficient non-convex domains for abstract interpretation VMCAI 2012
MC Efficient probabilistic model checking of systems with ranged probabilities RP 2012
CA AI A logical product approach to zonotope intersection CAV 2010
AI The zonotope abstract domain Taylor1+ CAV 2009
AAS AI Space software validation using abstract interpretation DASIA 2009


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Franz Franchetti CMU, PA, USA
Eric Goubault CNRS/Ecole Polytechnique, France
Sylvie Putot CNRS/Ecole Polytechnique, France
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Andrew Sogokon University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK