Smallest Enclosing Bregman Ball

This page provides goodies for the paper pdf On the smallest enclosing information disk. Information Processing Letters 105(3): 93-97 (2008)
Disclaimer: Source codes below are provided to the academic community for reproducible research with no guarantee or whatsoever (run at your own risk in sandboxes)

Interactive recording of a session:
Online Demo in Javascript (warning: time consuming for rastering the Bregman ball, please be patient!):
Tip! Select divergence for the popping-up menu my keeping left mouse click button down and scrolling. Here is the modified processing file MiniBBall4Javascript.pde to make it work with processing.js

Demo, movies

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Original Java applet program by Frank Nielsen (2006), with processing code v3 adapted by Antoine Chatalic (2015).
(C) 2015 Frank Nielsen, All rights reserved.