First ANR Automatic Reformulation Search Project Workshop (ARS08)

The first workshop dedicated to the ANR-funded Automatic Reformulation Search (ARS) Project will take place in the LIX, Ecole Polytechnique seminar room on Friday 31st October 2008 from 9AM to 6PM.

The aim of the ARS project is to provide a first systematic study of reformulations in mathematical programming, and to pave the way to reformulation-aware algorithms that are capable of automatically reformulating mathematical programs to a "better form". The precise definition of a better form naturally depends on the solution algorithm employed to solve the problem.

The main deliverable of the ARS project is the ROSE (Reformulation/Optimization Software Engine) software, a complex, fairly large-scale framwork written almost entirely in C++, that can parse a mathematical program to a well-defined data structure (involving trees used to represent mathematical expressions), manipulate this data structure according to several algorithms, and then output the result in a form that can be used by other optimization codes. ROSE can be used stand-alone, but it is mostly useful as an AMPL solver (accordingly, reformulated problems can be output in AMPL format).


Salle des seminaires (Seminar room), LIX, Ecole Polytechnique on Friday, Oct. 31st 2008.

You need a badge to enter LIX, so you'll be stuck outside if you don't have it. Call me on my mobile +33660691151 (0660691151 from France) to get access. LIX's main entrance is on the car park side, wing 0 of the laboratories building ("batiment laboratoires, aile 0").


10:00-10:30TarissanBioinformatics applications
10:45-11:15Hansenl-reduction in reformulations
11:15-11:45PlastriaFormulation space search
11:45-12:15LétocartMarkov Random Fields minimization and minimal cuts in image restoration
13:45-14:15NanniciniRECIPE for MINLPs
14:15-14:45MucherinoThe discretizable molecular distance geometry problem
14:45-15:15NininAcceleration Method based on Interval Arithmetic in Deterministic Global Optimization
15:30-16:00La RotaInferring parameters in Genetic Regulatory Networks
16:00-16:30CafieriConvex relaxation for quadrilinear terms
16:30-17:00A. Miller (Univ. Bordeaux 1, INRIA RealOpt)A Parallel Macro Partitioning Framework for Mixed Integer Programming

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