Fast stabbing of boxes in high dimensions

This page describes the implementation (Java, Processing sketch v3, and Javascript via processing.js) of the paper:
pdf Fast stabbing of boxes in high dimensions, Theoretical Computer Science 246(1-2): 53-72 (2000)
pdf screenshots: stabbing-snapshot-1.pdf stabbing-snapshot-2.pdf stabbing-snapshot-3.pdf
This work has then been extended to c-oriented polygons in
pdf On point covers of c-oriented polygons. Theoretical Computer Science 263(1-2): 17-29 (2001).
and in practice several heuristics have been compared (epsilon-nets, etc.):
pdf Combinatorial optimization algorithms for radio network planning. Theor. Comput. Sci. 263(1-2): 235-245 (2001)
The Javascript demo has been tested on Firefox browser (it is processing program ran using processing.js).
If the program does not run, you can see a snapshot
Mouse left-click+drag for adding a box or select from the menu for adding many random boxes
The heuristics compute in output-sensitive time an approximation of : without computing the intersection graph (that would require quadratic time).

Original Java applet program by Frank Nielsen (1996-1998), with processing code v3 adapted by Antoine Chatalic (2015).
(C) 2015 Frank Nielsen, All rights reserved.