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Scientific pole: Modeling, Simulation & Learning


GeomeriX is an Inria project-team whise overall scientific objective is to contribute both foundational and practical methods for data processing through a geometric perspective. We aim at producing modern computational tools for the furtherance of scientific exploration, allowing the analysis, processing, and simulation of a variety of data. The project-team’s focus on geometry offers a common language and tight intellectual cohesion, while promoting wide scientific applications due to the pervasiveness of topology and geometric aspects in topics from computer graphics, simulation, dynamical systems, and data science.

Permanent researchers

Steve OUDOT (Inria)

Maks Ovsjanikov (Polytechnique)

Associated or temporary researchers

Maysam BEHMANESH (Polytechnique)

Bingchen GONG (Polytechnique)

Roman KLOKOV (Polytechnique)

Emery PIERSON (Polytechnique)

PhD students

Souhaib ATTAIKI (Polytechnique)

Theo BRAUNE (Polytechnique)

Diego GOMEZ (Polytechnique)

Souhail HADGI (Polytechnique)

Jingyi LI (Polytechnique)

Robin Magnet (Polytechnique)

Tim SCHELLER (Polytechnique)

Ramana Sundararaman (Polytechnique)

Interns and apprentices

Haiyang JIANG (Polytechnique)

Aristotelis SIOZOPOULOS (Polytechnique)

Erkan TURAN (Polytechnique)