Laboratoire d'informatique de l'École polytechnique

The laboratory LIX

The abbreviation LIX stands for Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'Ecole polytechnique (Computer Science Laboratory of the École polytechnique), where the letter X represents the Polytechnique per French tradition. LIX is a mixed research unit (UMR 7161) consisting of two tutelles: the École polytechnique and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). LIX falls under the jurisdiction of the INS2I division (which stands for the National Institute of Sciences of Information and their Interactions) of CNRS.

PhD and Industry Days 2019

This 2-day meeting will give a panorama of the current challenges that the transition to renewable sources of energy is bringing to the industrial sector. There will be talks on optimization and equilibrium models, both from industrial partners and academic colleagues. Registration is free, but to organize the logistics we ask to REGISTER HERE and let us know which days you plan to attend the meeting -- BEFORE MONDAY 14 JAN 2019.

Sémin'Ouvert : « A couple of stories on energy and mathematical optimization » par Leo Liberti (équipe Dascim)

I will sketch the interaction between the field of mathematical optimization and some problems arising in energy management. I will start with a short tutorial on mathematical optimization. I shall then discuss the problem of monitoring an electrical grid. If I have time, I shall go on to discuss operating it and forecasting its production.