Geometric & Visual Computing

Matisse: Painting 2D regions for Modeling Free-Form Shapes

Matisse is an interactive modeling system aimed at providing the public with a very easy way to design free-form 3D shapes. The user progressively creates a model by painting 2D regions of arbitrary topology while freely changing the view-point and zoom factor. Each region is converted into a 3D shape, using a variant of implicit modeling that fits convolution surfaces to regions with no need of any optimization step. We use intuitive,automatic ways of inferring the thickness and position in depth of each implicit primitive, enabling the user to concentrate only on shape design.

This software is a recent (2019) JavaScript implementation of the research prototype described in the article [Bernhardt et al., SBIM 2008] using the blending operator from [Bernhard et al., Eurographics/CGF 2010] and the SCALIS surfaces from [Zanni et al., CGF 2013].

The software is provided under the CC BY-NC (free to reuse and distribute for non commercial usages).

NEM: Nested Explorative Maps

NEM - Nested Explorative Maps - is a new system dedicated to interactive design in architecture. NEM enables coarse to fine sketching of nested architectural structures, enabling to progressively sketch a 3D building from floor plan to interior design, thanks to a series of nested maps able to spread in 3D. Each map allows the visual representation of uncertainty as well as the interactive exploration of the alternative, tentative options.

This software is a research propotype described in the article [P. Olivier et al., SMI 2019]

Two versions are available:
1. [To be used with a mouse]
2. [To be used with a tactile display (ex. tablet)]