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Geometric & Visual Computing

Open Master Internship 2021

All our Master Internship offers have been fullfilled.

Open PhD 2021

Our PhD offers have been fullfilled.

Open Postdoc 2021

Our PostDoc offers have been fullfilled.

Previous offers already taken

Video Style transfer in a railway setting (PostDoc) [2021]
Example-based suggestion system for virtual film prototyping (Master 2) [2021]
Domain adaptation for structured prediction tasks on images and videos. (Computer Vision with Deep learning) (PhD) [2021]
Collaborative project between LIX, Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom Paris
Groups of humans and animals in natural environments: a multi-scale approach (PhD). [2020]
PhD taking place within the ITN CLIPE project
Scenario and interaction-ready agents (PhD). [2020]
PhD taking place within the ITN CLIPE project
Multi-Class Geometric Distribution Synthesis using Example-based Learning (Master 2) [2020].
Résumé expressif du parcours d'une flotte de véhicules à décollage vertical (Master 2) [2020].
Walking on loose grounds: Exploring robust locomotion control on dynamically evolving grounds (Master 2). [2020]
Design d’animations procédurales pour le vidéo-mapping (Master 1). [2020]