Previous editions of the conference

RP'22 in Kaiserlautern, Germany
LNCS proceedings volume 13608/2022, Springer Verlag
RP'21 in Liverpool, United Kingdom
LNCS proceedings volume 13035/2021, Springer Verlag
RP'20 in Paris, France
LNCS proceedings volume 12448/2020, Springer Verlag
RP'19 in Brussels, Belgium
LNCS proceedings volume 11674/2019, Springer Verlag
RP'18 in Marseille, France
LNCS proceedings volume 11123/2018, Springer Verlag
RP'17 in London, United Kingdom
LNCS proceedings volume 10506/2017, Springer Verlag|
RP'16 in Aalborg, Denmark
LNCS proceedings volume 9899/2016, Springer Verlag
RP'15 in Warsaw, Poland
LNCS proceedings volume 9328/2015, Springer Verlag
RP'14 in Oxford, United Kingdom
LNCS proceedings volume 8762/2014, Springer Verlag
RP'13 in Uppsala, Sweden
LNCS proceedings volume 8169/2013, Springer Verlag
RP'12 in Bordeaux, France
LNCS proceedings volume 7550/2012, Springer Verlag
RP'11 in Genova, Italy
LNCS proceedings volume 6945/2011, Springer Verlag
RP'10 in Brno, Czech Republic
LNCS proceedings volume 6227/2010, Springer Verlag
RP'09 in Palaiseau, France
LNCS proceedings, volume 5797/2009, Springer Verlag
RP'08 in Liverpool, United Kingdom
ENTCS proceedings volume 223, Elsevier
RP'07 in Turku, Finland
TUCS General Publication Serie volume 45, Turku Centre for Computer Science

Call for Participation


Call for Papers




Important dates

  • Abstract submission: 4 July 2023 (EXTENDED)
  • Full paper submission: 4 July 2023 (EXTENDED)
  • Notification: 13 August 2023
  • Final version: 20 August 2023
  • Conference: 11-13 October 2023

Presentation only

  • Presentation only: Deadline 23 August 2023


  • Olivier Bournez
  • Franois Dor
  • Enrico Formenti
  • Igor Potapov


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