RP 2023: Call For Participation

17th International Conference on Reachability Problems (RP'23)

October 11-13 2023, Nice, FRANCE



The International Conference on Reachability Problems (RP) is specifically aimed at gathering together scholars from diverse disciplines and backgrounds interested in reachability problems that appear in

  • Algebraic structures
  • Automata theory and formal languages
  • Computational game theory
  • Concurrency and distributed computation
  • Decision procedures in computational models
  • Graphs and dynamical networks
  • Hybrid dynamical systems
  • Logic and model checking
  • Verification of finite and infinite-state systems


See https://www.lix.polytechnique.fr/RP2023/i.php?n=Main.Registration


  • - Nathalie Aubrun (CNRS, Paris-Saclay, France):
The Domino problem extended to groups
  • - Zaitsev Dmitry (Odessa State Environmental University, Ukraine, and Universit Cte d'Azur, France):
Sleptsov Net Computing Resolves Modern Supercomputing Problems
  • - Jarkko Kari (University of Turku, Finland):
Low complexity colorings of the two-dimensional grid
  • - Bruno Martin (University of Nice, France):
Randomness quality and trade-offs for random number generators
  • - Shinnosuke Seki (University of Electro-Communications, Japan):
How complex shapes can RNA fold into?


  • - Complexity of Reachability Problems in Neural Networks
Adrian Wurm.
  • - Weakly synchronous systems with three machines are Turing powerful
Cinzia Di Giusto, Davide Ferr, Etienne Lozes and Nicolas Nisse.
  • - On the Identity and Group Problems for Complex Heisenberg Matrices
Paul Bell, Reino Niskanen, Igor Potapov and Pavel Semukhin.
  • - Reachability analysis of a class of hybrid gene regulatory networks
Honglu Sun, Maxime Folschette and Morgan Magnin.
  • - Quantitative Reachability Stackelberg-Pareto Synthesis is NEXPTIME-Complete
Thomas Brihaye, Vronique Bruyre and Gaspard Reghem.
  • - Multi-Weighted Reachability Games
Thomas Brihaye and Aline Goeminne.
  • - On the Complexity of Robust Eventual Inequality Testing for C-Finite Functions
Eike Neumann.
  • - Adaptive Directions for Bernstein-based Polynomial Set Evolution
Alberto Casagrande and Carla Piazza.
  • - Introducing Divergence for Infinite Probabilistic Models
Alain Finkel, Serge Haddad and Lina Ye.
  • - A Framework for the Competitive Analysis of Model Predictive Controllers
Ramesh Krishnamurthy, Stijn Bellis, Guillermo Perez, Tim Leys, Ritam Raha and Joachim Denil.
  • - Matching Patterns with Variables Under Simon's Congruence
Pamela Fleischmann, Sungmin Kim, Tore Ko, Florin Manea, Dirk Nowotka, Stefan Siemer and Max Wiedenhft.
  • - Hypermonitor: A Python Prototype for Hyper Predictive Runtime Verification
Angelo Ferrando and Giorgio Delzanno.
  • - Generalized ARRIVAL Problem for Rotor Walks in Path Multigraphs
David Auger, Pierre Coucheney, Loric Duhaz and Kossi Roland Etse.


  • - Sleptsov Nets are Turing-complete.
Dmitry Zaitsev and Bernard Berthomieu
  • - Reenterable colored Petri net model of Ebola virus dynamics
Dmitry Zaitsev, Tatiana Shmeleva
  • - On Computing Optimal Temporal Branchings
Daniela Bubboloni, Costanza Catalano, Andrea Marino and Ana Silva
  • - Positivity Problems for Reversible Linear Recurrence Sequences
George Kenison, Joris Nieuwveld, Joel Ouaknine and James Worrell
  • - Discontinuous IVPs with unique solutions
Riccardo Gozzi and Olivier Bournez
  • - Geometry of Reachability Sets of Vector Addition Systems
Roland Guttenberg, Michael Raskin and Javier Esparza
  • - Semnov Arithmetic, Affine VASS, and String Constraints
Andrei Draghici, Christoph Haase and Florin Manea
  • - Multiplicity Problems on Algebraic Series and Context-Free Grammars
Nikhil Balaji, Lorenzo Clemente, Klara Nosan, Mahsa Shirmohammadi and James Worrell
  • - Linear Loop Synthesis for Polynomial Invariants
George Kenison, Laura Kovcs and Anton Varonka
  • - Higher-Dimensional Automata Theory
Uli Fahrenberg.
  • - Universality and Forall-Exactness of Cost Register Automata with Few Registers
Laure Daviaud and Andrew Ryzhikov
  • - History-determinism vs. simulation
Karoliina Lehtinen
  • - Energy Bchi Problems
Sven Dziadek, Uli Fahrenberg and Philipp Schlehuber
  • - Solving irreducible stochastic mean-payoff games and entropy games by relative Krasnoselskii-Mann iteration
Marianne Akian, Stéphane Gaubert, Ulysse Naepels and Basile Terver


RP 2023 Contact: rp2023@easychair.org


  • Olivier Bournez
  • Franois Dor
  • Enrico Formenti
  • Igor Potapov

Call for Participation


Call for Papers




Important dates

  • Abstract submission: 4 July 2023 (EXTENDED)
  • Full paper submission: 4 July 2023 (EXTENDED)
  • Notification: 13 August 2023
  • Final version: 20 August 2023
  • Conference: 11-13 October 2023

Presentation only

  • Presentation only: Deadline 23 August 2023


  • Olivier Bournez
  • Franois Dor
  • Enrico Formenti
  • Igor Potapov


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