Maks Ovsjanikov

I am a professor in the Computer Science department at Ecole Polytechnique in France. I am a member of the GeomeriX group, joint between the LIX research laboratory at Ecole Polytechnique and INRIA. My current research is mainly supported by my ERC Starting Grant: EXPROTEA.

My research is primarily related to geometric (3D) shape analysis with emphasis on Deep Learning for non-rigid shape comparison and processing. In the past, I have worked on topics including shape classification and retrieval, non-rigid shape-matching, comparison, denoising and symmetry detection especially on 3D point cloud and triangle mesh data. I'm also very interested in image processing, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision in general. You can find some of my work on the Publications page.

Recent News

February 2024

    We have four papers accepted at CVPR 2024:

    • Back to 3D: Few-Shot 3D Keypoint Detection with Back-Projected 2D Features with Thomas Wimmer and Peter Wonka,
    • Scalable and Simplified Functional Map Learning with Robin Magnet
    • Self-Supervised Dual Contouring with Ramana Sundararaman and Roman Klokov
    • PoNQ: a Neural QEM-based Mesh Representation with Nissim Maruani, Pierre Alliez and Mathieu Desbrun

January 2024

    In the new year, we have three new group members: Emery Pierson as a postdoctoral researcher, as well as Diego Gomez (supported by the ERC project VEGA) and Léopold Maillard (as an industrial PhD student in partnership with Dassault Systèmes). In addition, Mazdak Abulnaga (MIT CSAIL and Harvard Medical School) came to visit us for a month as a research collaborator. Welcome to Emery, Diego, Léopold and Maz!

    I gave a talk in the GDR RADIA IFM joint meeting, held in Angers. My talk was on Robust General-Purpose Learning on Surfaces and Graphs.

December 2023

    Two of our papers: RIVQ-VAE: Discrete Rotation-invariant 3D Representation Learning with Mariem Mezghanni and Malika Boulkenafed; and Unsupervised Representation Learning for Diverse Deformable Shape Collections with Sara Hahner, Souhaib Attaiki, and Jochen Garcke have been accepted at 3DV 2024.

November 2023

    Our paper Shape Non-rigid Kinematics (SNK): A Zero-Shot Method for Non-Rigid Shape Matching via Unsupervised Functional Map Regularized Reconstruction with Souhaib Attaiki has been accepted at NeurIPS 2023.

October 2023

    I gave one of the two keynote talks at the Machine Learning for Geometry Workshop, held at the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris. This event in general had a very exciting set of speakers and talks.

    As part of the ELLIS program, I'm currently accepting applications for (fully funded) PhD positions via the ELLIS portal. You can find the information here:

    Tim Scheller has just joined our group as a starting PhD student, to work on topics related to dynamic 3D shape modelling, reconstruction and generation among other things. Welcome to Tim!

    I gave one of three keynotes at Pacific Graphics 2023. My talk was dedicated to giving an overview of functional maps, from their inception to recent breakthroughs.

September 2023

    I'm excited to be giving a keynote at 3DOR 2023 on Efficient, general-purpose feature learning for 3D shape comparison.

    I'm happy to be part of three accepted at ICCV 2023:

    • SATR: Zero-Shot Semantic Segmentation of 3D Shapes with Ahmed Abdelreheem, Ivan Skorokhodov, and Peter Wonka (from KAUST);
    • Spatially and Spectrally Consistent Deep Functional Maps with Mingze Sun, Shiwei Mao, Puhua Jiang, and Ruqi Huang (from TBSI); and
    • VoroMesh: Learning Watertight Surface Meshes with Voronoi Diagrams with Nissim Maruani, Roman Klokov, Pierre Alliez, and Mathieu Desbrun

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