Maks Ovsjanikov

I am a professor in the Computer Science department at Ecole Polytechnique in France. I am a member of the STREAM group at the LIX research laboratory of Ecole Polytechnique and an associate member (external collaborator) of the DataShape team at INRIA. My current research is mainly supported by my ERC Starting Grant: EXPROTEA.

My research is primarily related to geometric (3D) shape analysis with emphasis on Deep Learning for non-rigid shape comparison and processing. In the past, I have worked on topics including shape classification and retrieval, non-rigid shape-matching, comparison, denoising and symmetry detection especially on 3D point cloud and triangle mesh data. I'm also very interested in image processing, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision in general. You can find some of my work on the Publications page.

Recent News

February 2020

    Our paper on Geometric Functional Maps: Robust Feature Learning for Shape Correspondence has been accepted at CVPR 2020.

January 2020

    Our paper on Spectral Mesh Simplification has been accepted at Eurographics 2020.

December 2019

    My project AIGRETTE: Analyzing Large Scale Geometric Data Collections has just been selected among the recipients of the Artificial Intelligence Chair in France. I am looking for candidates interested in PhD and Postdoc positions to work on topics related to 3D Machine Learning. Please take a look at the Open Positions page.

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