28/11/2014 8:30 - 18:00pm
Inria Saclay Building

LIX colloquium 2014
Data Science

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LIX Colloquium 2014 - Call for Participation

We have entered the Big Data Era. The explosion and profusion of available data in a wide range of application domains rise up new challenges and opportunities in a plethora of disciplines – ranging from science and engineering to business and society in general. A major challenge is how to take advantage of the unprecedented scale of data, in order to acquire further insights and knowledge for improving the quality of the offered services, and this is where Data Science comes in.

Data Science rises as a challenging discipline capitalizing in techniques and methodologies from several fields. The Data Science lifecycle generally includes the following phases: data engineering (acquisition, storage, indexing, retrieval, pre-processing, quality assurance, validation), exploration (statistical profiling, visualization) and learning (identifying patterns, correlations, groupings, modeling etc.). And this lifecycle is universal in all application domains (banking, public sector, retail, telecoms, web, biology, etc.).

The LIX Colloquium in Data Science is organized by the Data Science and Mining (DaSciM) team of the Computer Science Laboratory (LIX) of Ecole Polytechnique. The goal is to bring together experienced researchers from academia and industry and all those interested in the area, giving us the chance to exchange views and experience about the emerging topic of Data Science.

The schedule of the Colloquium is composed by several invited talks from academics and researchers in industry, covering the topics of large scale data management, machine learning, graph and text mining, information retrieval and data science applications in several domains. The keynote talk will be given by Prof. Santo Fortunato (Aalto University, Finland), and the rest of the talks by academics and researchers from France, Spain and UK, reflecting the diverse aspects of Data Science.

The event aims at:
  • Researchers and academics interested in the latest research results and evolutions in the field of Data Science (and specifically the areas of Graph Mining, Machine Learning, Data Management and related applications).
  • Students that want to get familiar with this area and get in contact with the academics
  • Industrial partners that are interested in the latest research results in Big Data analytics, that can be relevant for applications.

The workshop will take place in the Computer Science Laboratory (LIX) at the campus of Ecole Polytechnique, in Palaiseau, France (15 Km south of Paris). The registration is free but for logistic reasons we strongly advice the participants to register using the following link:

Colloquium speakers

Santo Fortunato
Aalto University
Eric Gaussier
Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble I)
Manuel Gomez Rodriguez
Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
Gregory Grefenstette
Inria Saclay - Île de France
Stephane Guinet
Stephan Hadinger
Amazon Web Services
Balázs Kégl
Themis Palpanas
Paris Descartes University
Marc Tommasi
Inria Lille
Peter Triantafillou
University of Glasgow
Richard Washington



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