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Our team

The Data Science and Mining (DaSciM) team is part of the Computer Science Laboratory (LIX) of École Polytechnique. In the previous years we have conducted research in the areas of databases and data mining. More specifically in unsupervised learning (clustering algorithms and validity measures), advanced data management and indexing (P2P systems, distributed indexing, distributed dimensionality reduction), text mining (word disambiguation for classification) and ranking algorithms (temporal extensions to PageRank).
More recently, we are working in large scale graph mining (degeneracy based community detection and evaluation), text mining and retrieval for web advertising/marketing and recommendations. The leader of the team has supervised previously twelve completed Ph.D. theses  and has published chapters in books and encyclopedias, two international books and more than a hundred twenty (120) papers in international refereed journals and conferences. Also we have co-authored three patents and attracted significant R&D funding including national and international governmental/industrial sources. Members of our team have received the ERCIM, Marie Curie, and Google fellowships.Our team has co-organized the ECML PKDD 2011 conference in Athens. Members of the team participate in the editorial board of the “Intelligent Data Analysis Journal” and served as guest editors for special issues of the “Machine Learning” and “Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery” journals. Also co-chaired the PC committee of ECML/PKDD 2011 conference, served the Data Mining Track chair of the IEEE – ICDE 2011 conference and has participated as a conference committee member for more than fifty international conferences, in the areas: Databases, Data mining, Machine learning and the Web.
Moreover our group has  a long experience in real-world industrial level software projects in the area of Large Scale Data/Text Mining. Currently we maintain collaborations with large industrial partners working on data science for Big Data projects including structured data, text and graphs. The director of the team has been invited and participated in three Google faculty EMEA summits in Zurich and London, in 2008, 2011 and 2012.
Professor Vazirgiannis leads the X/AXA Data Science Chair.
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Another relevant research topic is decision making methods, in particular: mathematical programming (mixed integer linear and nonlinear programming), combinatorial optimization, global optimization, graph theory. We are interested both in methodology and applications, with a special focus on applications in energy optimization and computational geometry.

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Team leader

Michalis Vazirgiannis

mvazirg ~ lix.polytechnique.fr
+33 (0)1 77578056


Dr. Vazirgiannis is a Professor in LIX, Ecole Polytechnique. He is currently working in the area of Data Science for Bigdata – aiming at harnessing the potential of machine learning algorithms for large scale data sets including text and graphs. More specifically his current work is on graph degeneracy for large scale graph mining, graph based text retrieval, learning models from time series data and text mining for the web (i.e. advertising, news streams).
He is involved in teaching in data mining and machine learning for big data in Ecole Polytechnique. He has supervised previously nine completed Ph.D. theses and supervises six more underway. He has published chapters in books and encyclopedias, two international books and more than a hundred twenty (120) papers in international refereed journals and conferences. He has received the ERCIM and Marie Curie EU fellowships. Also he has coauthored three patents and attracted significant R&D funding including national and international research & development projects. Currently he leads industrial projects in the area of large scale data mining & machine learning.

Latest News

  • Internships 2018
    January 2018
    Our internship topics for 2018 are announced. Please read further details here.
  • BigNet @ WWW 2018
    December 2017
    DaSciM is co-organizing the 3rd International Workshop on Learning Representations for Big Networks (BigNet 2018), co-located with the Web Conference 2018, in Lyon, France, April 23, 2018. We are looking forward to your submission!
  • "Data Science in Action" event
    November 2017
    The DaScIS (Data Science in the insurance Sector) Chair organizes the "Data Science in Action" event on November 16th in the campus of Ecole Polytechnique (amphi Gay Lussac - see location here). All Ecole Polytechnique students (including engineers, master, Ph.D.) were cordially invited. This half-day consisted of presentations by senior managers and data scientists of the AXA Group, and of other key industries.
  • DaSciM @ Facebook Paris
    September 2017
    We were invited to present our research work in the Data Science event hosted at Facebook Paris. The DaSciM team would like to thank the Core Data Science team at Facebook for the invitation and overall organization!
  • Prof Vazirgiannis @ Tencent headquarters
    May 2017
    Prof. Vazirgiannis gave an invited talk in Tencent headquarters (Shenzhen, China) on May 12. He was also awarded the "Rhino-Bird International Academic Expert Award" in recognition of his academic/professional work.


  • Software Engineer for Digital Ads-machine learning

    We are searching for a software engineer to develop a machine learning model that will predict the change in traffic on the website of the advertiser after a TV ad placement. More information here.
  • Post-doc openings

    Post doctoral positions in DaSciM team @Ecole Polytechnique open in machine learning for graphs and text. More information here.