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PhD Theses (Completed)

  • 2013: Dr. C. Giatsidis
  • 2012: Dr. N. Salamanos
  • 2010: Dr. P. Magdalinos
  • 2009: Dr. G. Tsatsaronis, currently post-doctoral Researcher, at BIOTEC, TU Dresden. Dresden, Germany.
  • 2009: Dr. Mavroeidis, currently Post-doctoral Researcher in the European Commission, Joint Research Center (JRC) Ispra, Italy.
  • 2008: Dr. A. Vlachou, currently post-doctoral researcher, in NTNU, Norway.
  • 2007: Dr. C. Doulkeridis, faculty member at University of Pireaus, Greece.
  • 2006: Dr. M. Eirinaki, faculty member at Computer Engineering Department, San Jose State University, USA.
  • 2004: Dr. I. Varlamis, faculty member at Harokopeion University, Greece.
  • 2003: Dr. M. Halkidi, faculty member at University of Pireaus, Greece.

Selected Diploma Theses (Completed)


  • S. Lazaridis, "STEDEL: a language for interactive spatiotemporal compositions", Jan 1999, Athens, Greece
    • Related Publications
    • S. Lazaridis, M. Vazirgiannis, T. Sellis. "STEDEL: Spatiotemporal Definition Language, Modeling and rendering interactive 3D compositions", in the proceedings of ICME 2001, Tokyo.
  • G. Gavriil, "A dual representation scheme for linear constraint databases"


  • C. Amanatidis, M. Tzouris , "D-Miner: data miningn handling uncertainty", Sep 1998, Athens, Greece M. Halkidi, "Uncertainty handling in the clustering process", Jan 1999, Athens, Greece
    • Related Publications
    • C. Amanatidis, M. Halkidi, M. Tzouris, M. Vazirgiannis, "Uncertainty support for Classification & Rule extraction in Relational data sets: A fuzzy logic based approach", to appear in the proceedings of the 5th International Conference of the Decision Sciences Institute, Athens, July 1999.


  • Th. Markousis, A. Mouroulis (Dept of Informatics, University of Athens), "Server design for interactive multimedia documents"
  • D. Tsirikos, Politis (Dept of Informatics, University of Athens), "A client design for WWW enabled interactive multimedia documents"
    • Related Publications
    • D. Tsirikos , T. Markousis, M. Vazirgiannis, G. Stavrakas, M. Hatzopoulos, "A Client-Server Design for Interactive Multimedia Documents based on Java", in the proceedings of Interactive Distributed Multimedia Systems and Services Workshop IDMS ' 98, Oslo, September 1998
    • T. Markousis, D. Tsirikos, M. Vazirgiannis, G. Stavrakas, "A Client-Server Design for Interactive MultimediaDocuments based on Java", to appear in Elsevier - Computer Communications Journal, 2000
    • M. Vazirgiannis D. Tsirikos, Th.Markousis, M. Trafalis, Y. Stamati, M. Hatzopoulos T. Sellis, "Interactive Multimedia Documents: a Modeling, Authoring and Rendering approach", to appear in Multimedia Tools & Applications Journal (Kluwer Academic Publishers), 2000


  • I. Kostalas (NTUA, Athens), "Authoring tool for spatiotemporal multimedia compositions"
    • Related Publications
    • C1. I. Kostalas, T.Sellis, M. Vazirgiannis, “Spatiotemporal specification & verification of multimedia scenarios”, in the proceedings of the IFIP-DS-8 Conference on Multimedia Semantics, January 1999, New Zealand.
    • M. Vazirgiannis, I. Kostalas, T. Sellis, "Spatial and Temporal Specification & Authoring of Multimedia Scenarios", in IEEE - Multimedia, September 1999
  • G. Stamati, M. Trafalis, "An authoring tool for interactive multimedia presentations"
    • Related Publications
    • M. Vazirgiannis, M. Trafalis, Y. Stamati, M. Hatzopoulos, "Interactive Multimedia Scenario: Modeling and Rendering" in the proceedings of the Multimedia track of ACM-SAC'98 conference.
    • M. Vazirgiannis, M. Trafalis, Y. Stamati, M. Hatzopoulos, "i-Mu.S.E. - Interactive Multimedia Scenario Editor", in the proceedings of the IEEE-MMDBMS '98 Workshop


  • K. Petrou, A. Tsompanidis, (Dept of Informatics, University of Athens), "Uncertainty in Hypermedia for Knowledge Representation".
    • Related Publications
    • M. Vazirgiannis, K.Petrou, A. Tsompanidis, M.Hatzopoulos, "An Object Oriented Framework for Knowledge representation based on Fuzzy sets", Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems Journal, Wiley, vol 1 (pp. 265-278).
  • A. Kalousis, (Dept of Informatics, University of Athens), "Hypermedia Knowledge Editor".
    • Related Publications
    • M. Vazirgiannis, A. Kalousis, M. Hatzopoulos, " KNOWEL: A HYPERMEDIA KNOWLEDGE EDITOR", in the proceedings of DEXA '95 Conference, London, September 4-8, 1995.