About...Michalis Vazirgiannis

Dr. Vazirgiannis is a Professor in LIX, École Polytechnique.

He has worked as a researcher in the different places: in the Knowledge & DB Lab (group, N.T.U. Athens), in GMD-IPSI (currently Frauhofer - IPSI), Germany, in Fern-Universitaet Hagen, in project VERSO (later GEMO) in INRIA/Paris, in IBM India Research Laboratory and in Max Planck Instistut fur Informatik (Saarbruecken, Germany) in the group of G. Weikum. M. Vazirgiannis held a Marie Curie Intra-European fellow (2006-2007) in area of "P2P Web Search", hosted by INRIA FUTURS.

His current research interests are in the area of bigdata mining – aiming at harnessing the potential of machine learning algorithms for large scale data sets including text and graphs. More specifically his current work is on graph degeneracy for large scale graph mining, graph based text retrieval, learning models from time series data and text mining for the web (i.e. advertising, news streams).

His industrial experience and expertise lie in the areas of data mining and machine learning for large scale data repositories (i.e. the Web graph, social networks, medical data etc).

He has contributed chapters in books and encyclopedias, published two international books and more than a hundred papers in international refereed journals and conferences. (List of Publications in DBLP) Google Schoelar Profile He is also co-author of three patents.

He has supervised ten completed PhD theses while currently he supervises two more PhD Students. Dr Vazirgiannis has founded the DaSciM Research team (in École Polytechnique) focusing in the area of data and web mining. He is involved in teaching in data mining and machine learning for big data in Ecole Polytechnique, Telecom ParisTech, ENS Cachan.

Dr. Vazirgiannis has participated in more than fifty programme committees of international conferences in the areas: Data Bases, Data Mining/Machine learning and the Web. He served as:

He participates in the editorial board of the:

- Intelligent Data Analysis Journal (IOS press) and as Guest editor for the ECML PKDD 2011 speciall issue for the "Machine Learning" and "DMKD" journals.

- “Social Network Analysis and Mining (SNAM)” journal published by Springer, member (2014).

- Special Issue on Web and Social Graph Mining – IEEE Computer Journal, Guest Editor – IEEE Computer (2014)

Selected Invited Talks & Panels

Recent Tutorials

  • Graph Mining Tools for Community Detection and Evaluation in Social Networks and the Web
    Christos Giatsidis, Fragkiskos D. Malliaros, and Michalis Vazirgiannis.
    International World Wide Web Conference (WWW), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 2013. (Link)
  • Tutorial in the ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining - WSDM 2013 - Rome - Italy, "Advanced graph mining for community evaluation in social networks and the Web" (Link)
  • Invited Tutorial in the IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining ASONAM 2012 26-29 August, 2012, Turkey - entitled "Advanced graph mining & community evaluation metrics for social networks and the Web" (Link)
  • M. Vazirgiannis "Web Mining - a Predictive approach" (Link), invited Tutorial in the "`Brazilian Data Base Symposium"', October 2010
  • a comment in Tweeter
  • M. Vazirgiannis, "Web Mining" (Link) at the French "Advanced Data Bases" Symposium 2010 - Toulouse - October 2010

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