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We have entered the Era of Big Data. The explosion and profusion of available data in a wide range of application domains rise up new challenges and opportunities in a plethora of disciplines – ranging from science and engineering to biology and business. One major challenge is how to take advantage of the unprecedented scale of data – typically of heterogeneous nature – in order to acquire further insights and knowledge for improving the quality of the offered services. To exploit this new resource, we need to scale up and scale out both our infrastructures and usual techniques.

In this context and supported by the DIGITEO LEVETONE chair grant (2010-2013), we conduct research in the area of Learning from Big Graph and Text. As a concluding event of the project (following the relevant opening event in 2011 – DIGITEO Workshop on Web Mining) we organize a single day workshop entitled Data Science in the Big Data Era (DSBDE) on July 17, 2013 in Paris.

There, we will have the chance to reflect and exchange views and experience in the emerging topic of data mining and machine learning techniques for Big Data.

The topics we plan to cover include:

  • Mining large graphs - algorithms, foundations and applications
  • Mining large evolving text collections
  • Distributed algorithms for large scale data
  • Applications (Web, Social Networks, Advertising, Bio-data, industrial data)
  • Privacy in the Big Data era.

The gem stone of the programme is the keynote speech by the seminal scientist Christos Faloutsos from Carnegie Mellon University. The rest of the talks are from senior and junior academics from Italy and France reflecting diverse aspects of learning algorithms for Big Data. More details about the talks can be found here.

The event aims at:

  • Researchers and academics interested in the latest research results and evolutions in Learning from Big Data
  • Students that want to get familiar with this area and get in contact with the academics
  • Industrial partners that are interested in the latest research results in Big Data (including Big Text and Big Graph data) that can be relevant for applications.

It will give us the chance to exchange views and form a common understanding on the issue of Learning from Big Data.

The workshop will take place in the center of Paris (in the premises of Telecom ParisTech). The registration is free but we strongly advise the delegates to register here.

See you in Paris!!

Prof. Michalis Vazirgiannis                                                          Dr. Mauro Sozio

Michalis Vazirgiannis
Mauro Sozio