Fabien Renaud

I'm a postdoc at the LIX lab in the Inria team Parsifal. I'm funded by the ProofCert project and work under the supervision of Dale Miller.
During the year 2013-2014, I'm based in the Programming logic group at Chalmers. While still working on the ProoCert project, I interact with the local team.
Previously, I was "ATER" (temporary research and teaching contract) at the University Paris Diderot where I had my Ph.D. thesis.

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Journal and conference papers

Ph.D. thesis

Ph.D thesis (Dec. 2011) - Explicit resources from the point of view of the rewriting theory - under the supervision of Delia Kesner

Technical reports and unpublished articles

Talks / Workshops without reviewving


I'm a happy user of the programming languages OCaml and λProlog, and of the proof assistant Coq.

Previous Teaching (in french) at University Paris Diderot

Participation in summer schools