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Computing and Processing Correspondences
with Functional Maps

We gave a closely related course with an updated set of course notes, more extensive code demos and slightly different lecture material at SIGGRAPH 2017. The corresponding course website is on the dedicated course website.
Date and Venue:
Tuesday, December 6th, 02:15pm - 06:00pm in Sicily 2403, Level 1
  • 02:15pm - 03:05pm - Course Introduction (Slides): Maks Ovsjanikov
    Course Overview. Objectives and Goals.
    Introduction to the functional maps framework.
    Basic pipeline for estimating correspondences with functional maps.

  • 03:10pm - 04:00pm - Computing Functional Maps (Slides): Michael Bronstein
    Algebraic techniques for functional map estimation.
    Partial functional maps, Manifold Optimization, Joint Diagonalization.
    Fully spectral partial correspondence.

  • 04:00pm - 04:15pm - Short break.
  • 04:15pm - 05:05pm - Maps in Shape Collections (Slides): Etienne Corman
    Descriptor and subspace learning
    Networks of Maps, latent space optimization
    Metrics and Shape Differences.

  • 05:10pm - 06:00pm - Map Conversion, Applications (Slides): Emanuele Rodolà
    Recovery of point-wise maps from functional maps.
    Some Applications: information transfer, variability analysis.

  • 06:00pm - Wrapup and a Q&A session.