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Computing and Processing Correspondences
with Functional Maps

Date and Venue:
Tuesday, December 6th, 02:15pm - 06:00pm in Sicily 2403, Level 1
  • 02:15pm - 03:05pm - Course Introduction (Slides): Maks Ovsjanikov
    Course Overview. Objectives and Goals.
    Introduction to the functional maps framework.
    Basic pipeline for estimating correspondences with functional maps.

  • 03:10pm - 04:00pm - Computing Functional Maps (Slides): Michael Bronstein
    Algebraic techniques for functional map estimation.
    Partial functional maps, Manifold Optimization, Joint Diagonalization.
    Fully spectral partial correspondence.

  • 04:00pm - 04:15pm - Short break.
  • 04:15pm - 05:05pm - Maps in Shape Collections (Slides): Etienne Corman
    Descriptor and subspace learning
    Networks of Maps, latent space optimization
    Metrics and Shape Differences.

  • 05:10pm - 06:00pm - Map Conversion, Applications (Slides): Emanuele Rodolà
    Recovery of point-wise maps from functional maps.
    Some Applications: information transfer, variability analysis.

  • 06:00pm - Wrapup and a Q&A session.