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The Sources for Mossotti's Escape

1823 was the last year Mossotti spent in Italy. The history and the reasons for his departure are the most obscure mystery in his whole life. The Dictionary of Scientific Biography (X12) skips the fact altogether, saying that Mossotti left Italy ``to seek a position in England". The obituaries either just touch it (Codazzagif and Ferruccigif) or invent shamelessly (Bicchieraigif). According to the latter, ``Invited by the Austrian police to be inquired, Mossotti, following the advice of the famous Oriani, escaped from Lombardy to go to Novara: but the Piedmont Government via indirect means let him know that the Austrian police were after him and that he had to leave. [...] So Mossotti crossed the Swiss border without passport". Codazza and Ferrucci just say that he escaped to London. It is difficult to understand why the obituaries, which otherwise would seem plainly copied from one another, differ so much over this matter. Fortunately there are recordsgif of the Austrian Government about Mossotti, which explain this point.

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