Polynomial Equation System Solver

Grégoire Lecerf



  • Requirement: you need to run MAGMA computer algebra system with a version at least 2.9-2
  • . Python is required if you want to use the MathML support.
  • Download Kronecker as tar-gzipped archive .
  • Installation
    • Put kronecker.tgz in a directory devoted to magma's libraries. For example, for a single user it can be:
      $(HOME)/lib/Magma/. Note that Magma librairies are architecture dependent.
    • Unarchive kronecker.tgz:
      tar -xvzf kronecker.tgz
      It should create the directory kronecker-version containing the "spec" file and three sub-directories Kronecker, mml4mgm and doc. The first contains the main library, the second one the basic experimental MathML support and the last one the whole documentation in various formats.
    • MathML Support In order to activate the MathML support install the executable script bin/mml4mgm in a directory available in your PATH variable.
    • To load the library within magma you have to type:
    • To auto-load the library, please refer to Magma's documentation.

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