The workshop will be held at:
ENSEEIHT, 2 rue Camichel, 31071 Toulouse, France.

Registration will take place in building "C" in the map below; the building can be accessed from rue Charles Camichel and rue Pierre Paul de Riquet.

For those who are arriving at the Toulouse-Blagnac airport, a shuttle that will bring you to the city center (last stop: Matabiau SNCF) leaves every 20 minutes and will take around 25 minutes (here is the schedule, and here is some general information in French). Get off the bus at the Jean Jaures stop, take Boulevard Lazare Carnot, then turn left on rue d'Aubuisson.

For those who are arriving at the train station, take the subway at Marengo-SNCF (right in front of the train station) towards Jean Jaures, then follow the directions given above. You can also walk from the train station, taking rue Pierre Paul de Riquet.

Some local information can be found here.


The workshop will be held from August 31st through September 3rd, 2010. Partecipants should plan their arrival on August 30th.

More detailed instructions

ENSEEIHT is a high level University with selected students (about 1200 students) and is quite small. Thus, when you will be in the ENSEEIHT, you will easily find the rooms where the conference takes place (inside the ENSEEIHT it will be indicated).

Warning: because ENSEEIHT sounds like "n7" when pronounced in French, it is sometimes spelled like "n7".

ENSEEIHT has two entrances : 2 rue(street) Charles Camichel and rue Pierre Paul de Riquet. The main room of the conference will take place in the 'Batiment C' and you can directly reach it via the rue Riquet.

The temperature could be about 25C (maybe more) in early september.

From the airport to ENSEEIHT:

  • By taxi, it is about 20EUR and it will take about 20 minutes. In the worst case (rush hours) it will take 45 minutes (and more EURs)
  • By the Airport Shuttle (called "Flybus/Navette Aeroport" - you have one every 20 minutes), it will also take 20 minutes (45min during rush hours), the price is 5EUR. You have to stop at the "Jean Jaures" subway station. You can take the subway B until "Francois Verdier" but it is just for one stop. It will take 10 minutes on foot: go down the "Allee Jean Jaures" until "Boulevard Lazare Carnot" (50m), turn left and follow the "Boulevard Lazare Carnot" leaning the left side (300m), turn left into the street "rue d'Aubuisson" (250m). You will arrive at ENSEEIHT by reaching a crossing of the streets "rue d'Aubuisson", "rue Riquet" and "rue Camichel".

By train:

  • ENSEEIHT is about 10 minutes on foot from the Matabiau train station: cross the canal Riquet, turn left and follow the canal by the street "Boulevard Riquet" (500m) and then "Boulevard du Professeur Leopold Lescandre" (it is the same street - 50m), turn right to the street "rue Camichel".
  • By Subway take Metro A for one station until station Jean Jaures and move to Metro B until François Verdier.

Social events venues

We have organized 3 social events (all included in your registration price: neat huh?).

  • A Welcome reception with cocktail will take place at 5pm on Monday the 30th of August in Batiment C (Entrance rue Riquet). "Batiment" means "building" in French.
  • A birthday party for Pierre Hansen will take place on Tue Aug 31 at 18:30 at Capitole - Mairie de Toulouse (Town Hall), Salle des Illustres (an appropriate place for Pierre!). Address: Place du Capitole, Toulouse. This is the main square in Toulouse, you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. Google it if you feel insecure.
  • The gala dinner (a.k.a. conference dinner) will take place on Thursday Sept 2 at 19:30 at the restaurant of Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse, Address: 35 allées Jules Guesde (entrance by the park "Jardin des plantes", in the city center). You can take the subway B until 'Carmes' and then go down Rue Ozenne: the main entrance of Jardin des plantes will be in front of you. Detailed informations (in French only, but there's a googlemap) to reach the museum can be found here.