Registration via Bank Transfer

If you want to pay the registration fee via bank transfer, make sure to use the form below to send us a notification. It is important that we know the list of all registered partecipants, and how much did they pay. Bank account details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Registration procedure

Use this form to register your attendance. We assume that only one bank transfer will be made for each department; therefore, in the large text box below, enter the following information for each registered partecipant, one partecipant per line:
Surname Name fee [vegetarian]
The registration fee is 250 EUR before June 30, 300 EUR after June 30 (for students: 150 EUR before June 30, 200 EUR afterwards).


Bank Account Information

  • Contact: Evelyne Rayssac,, +33 1 69 33 40 73
  • Address the order to: ADRIX, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau Cedex
  • Make sure that the sender's name or the reason for payment (preferably both) in the bank transfer form clearly state name and surname of the partecipants who are paying the registration fee
  • Our bank account information:
    • Credit Lyonnais, 2 rue Charles de Gaulle, 91400 Orsay
    • Account holder: ADRIX
    • RIB: 30002 08941 0000079460P 28
    • IBAN: FR49 3000 2089 4100 0007 9460 P28