SoMeRiS 2016

    12/12/2016 - SoMeRiS 2016 workshop

    The DaScIS (Data Science in the insurance Sector) Chair successfully organized SoMeRiS 2016 workshop on December 12th, colocated with the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining series (ICDM).

    The topic of risk assessment deals with methods, quantitative or qualitative, to estimate the risk that is related to a specific task or action. As life becomes increasingly digital, the available social media data - including interactions, time, location and behavior - is constantly increasing, giving rise to quantitative methods from the broad field of data science towards "better" risk assessment. The main goal of the SoMeRis workshop is to act as a venue for research methods and tools on the emerging field of data science and social media analytics for risk assessment and management.

    The program of the workshop follows:

    09:00 - 09:05
    Opening of the Workshop

    09:05 - 09:50
    Keynote Speaker: Jie Tang, Tsinghua University

    9:50 - 10:10
    Time-Based Ensembles for Prediction of Rare Events in News Streams
    Nuno Moniz, Luís Torgo, Magdalini Eirinaki

    10:10 - 10:30
    Fraud Detection in Voice-based Identity Authentication Applications and Services
    Saeid Safavi, Hock Gan, Iosif Mporas, and Reza Sotudeh

    10:30 - 11:00
    Coffee - break

    11:00 - 11:20
    Identifying Warning Behaviors of Violent Lone Offenders in Written Communication
    Lisa Kaati, Amendra Shrestha, Rachel Doveikis, Seth Howell, and Tony Sardella

    11:20 - 11:40
    Learning from User Workflows for the Characterization and Prediction of Software Crashes
    Chloé Adam, Antoine Aliotti, and Paul-Henry Cournede

    11:40 - 12:00
    Investors Attention and the Effects on Stock market: An Empirical Study Based on Stock forum
    Wen Long, Lijing Guan, and Lingxiao Cui

    12:00 - 12:20
    Microblog Sentiment Topic Model
    Aman Ahuja, Wei Wei, and Kathleen Carley

    12:20 - 12:40
    Graph-based Term Weighting Scheme for Topic Modeling
    Giannis Bekoulis and Francois Rousseau

    12:40 - 13:00
    Ensemble of Heterogeneous Classifiers for Improving Automated Tweet Classification
    Renhao Cui, Gagan Agrawal, Vinh Khuc, and Rajiv Ramnath

    Closing Remarks



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