The Algorithms and Complexity Team
at LIX, Ecole Polytechnique. New: moved to the Turing building. Where is this? See number 24 on this plan

Our group works on:
  • algorithms and complexity of
    constraint satisfaction problems,
  • complexity of counting problems,
  • models of computation,
  • and more.
Manuel Bodirsky
Chercheur CNRS
Olivier Bournez
Professeur Ecole Polytechnique
Miki Hermann
Chercheur CNRS
Johan Thapper
Florent Madelaine
MdC en delegation CNRS
Andras Pongracz
Francois Bossiere
PhD student
Amaury Pouly
PhD student
More PhD Students:
Rabie Mikael,
Jonas Lefèvre,
Jean Philippe Meline
Former members: Christoph Duerr
Chercheur CNRS
Michal Wrona
Visiting postdoc
Jan Foniok
Contract researcher feb'11 to aug'11