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PhD Students and Post-docs

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Current PhD Students

* Manon Blanc(started in sep 2022)
Co-adviser: Nathalie Aubrun
* Valentin Dardilhac(started in sep 2022)
Co-adviser: Johanne Cohen
* Johan Girardot(started in sep 2020).
Co-adviser: Olivier Finkel

Current Post-docs

* Riccardo Gozzi(started in may 2022)

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Past PhD Students

* Quentin Guilmant(Defended in 2022)
Currently: Postdoc at Saarbrücken.
* Fabrice Lebeau(2018-2019, PhD stopped upon his request)
Currently: Professeur au Lycée
* Khaled MAAMRA(Defended in 2017)
Currently: Travail dans en entreprise de conseil.
Co-adviser: (80%) Laurence Pilard
*  Amaury Pouly(Defended in 2015)
Currently Chargé de Recherche CNRS.
Co-adviser: Daniel Graça
*  Mikaël Rabie(Defended in 2015)
Currently: Maître de Conférence,
IRIF, Paris
*  Jonas Lefèvre(Defended in 2016)
Currently Professeur au Lycée
*  Xavier Koegler(Defended in 2012)
Currently R&D Software Engineer at Microsoft.
Co-adviser: Pierre Fraignaud
*  Emmanuel Hainry(Defended in 2006)
Currently Maître de Conférence,
LORIA, Nancy
*  Paulin de Naurois(Defended in 2004)
Currently Chargé de Recherche CNRS.
Felipe Cucker & Jean-Yves Marion
*  Florent Garnier(Defended in 2004)
Currently Sofware engineer at The MathWorks.
Co-adviser: Claude Kirchner
*  Mariana
Liliana Ibanescu
(Defended in 2004)
Currently: Maître de Conférence,
AgroParitech, Paris.
Co-advisor: Hélène Kirchner

Past postdocs

* Elodie Suzanne(Mar 2022- Jan 2023).
Currently: Maître de Conférences
Co-advisor: Sonia Vanier
* Sabrina Ouazzani(Sep 2018- Dec 2018).
Co-advisor: Benjamin Hellouin
* Walid Gomaa(2008-2009).
Currently: Assistant Professor in Egypt
 * Mathieu Hoyrup(2008-2009).
Currently: Chargé de Recherche
INRIA Lorraine
* Loubna Echabbi(2005-2006).
Currently: Assistant Professor
in Rabbat (Morocco).
Co-adviser: Johanne Cohen