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Comète-Parsifal Seminar

This seminar is organized by both the Comète and Parsifal teams. Talks usually take place on Tuesdays at 14:30 in La Salle de Reunion de LIX, Ecole Polytechnique and they usually last about one hour. A projector will be available. Instructions on how to get to LIX can be found here.


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Thu Dec 06, 10:30 Tri Minh Ngo Quantitative Analysis for Multi-threaded Programs
Fri Oct 19, 14:30 Fabio Gadducci A Quantified Modal Logic for Systems with Dynamic Structure
Thu Jul 12, 15:00 Sergio Giro Verification of distributed probabilistic systems under partial information
Thu Jun 21, 15:00 Kostas Chatzikokolakis Measuring Information Leakage using Generalized Gain Functions
Thu Jun 07, 15:00 Andrei Dorman Interaction solos
Thu May 10, 15:00 Matteo Mio Probabilistic modal mu-calculus with independent product
Tue Jan 17, 14:30 Filippo Bonchi Checking NFA equivalence with bisimulations up to congruence
Wed Dec 14, 14:30Geoffrey Smith More Theory and Applications of Min-Entropy Leakage
Wed Dec 07, 14:30Geoffrey Smith Quantifying Information Flow Using Min-Entropy
Fri Oct 22, 10:30 Flavio Garcia On the (in)security of widely-used contactless smartcards
Fri Oct 21, 11:00Geoffrey Smith Min-Entropy as a Resource
Tue Oct 04, 14:30Marco Stronati Calculi and constraints
Mon Sep 19, 14:30Myrto Arapinis Keeping track of your friends and enemies: privacy threats of new mobile technologies
Tue Jun 07, 14:30Romain Beauxis The Failure of Noise-Based Non-Continuous Audio Captchas
Fri Mar 11, 14:30 Alexandra Silva Sound and Complete Axiomatization of Trace Semantics for Probabilistic Transition Systems
Wed Mar 09, 15:00Alejandro Diaz-Caro Algebraic type systems
Wed Mar 02, 14:00Kazunori Ueda Encoding the Pure Lambda Calculus into Hierarchical Graph Rewriting
Tue Mar 01, 14:30 Marco Giunti On the Effectiveness of Typed Equivalences for Security in Pi Calculus
Wed Feb 02, 14:45Gurvan Le Guernic CFlow: a security-preserving cryptography-implicit compiler for distributed programs (A Demo with a Pinch of Theory)
Mon Nov 29, 10:30Rohit Chadha Model Checking Concurrent Programs with Nondeterminism and Randomization
Fri Nov 12, 16:45Filippo Bonchi Concurrency Cannot Be Observed, Asynchronously
Fri Oct 22, 10:30 Romain Demangeon Termination for concurrent processes
Fri Aug 27, 16:30Miguel Andres Information Hiding in Probabilistic Concurrent Systems
Fri Aug 27, 15:00Kohei Honda A Theory of Design-by-Contract for Distributed Multiparty Interactions
Fri Aug 27, 11:30Mario S. Alvim, Miguel Andres and Catuscia Palamidessi Information Hiding in Probabilistic Concurrent Systems
Fri Aug 27, 10:30Pierre-Malo Denielou Parameterised Multiparty Session Types
Thu Jul 01, 10:30 Carroll Morgan Noninterference, probability, Bayes Risk and compositionality
Fri May 28, 14:30Luis Fernando Pino Basic Concepts on Well Structured Transition Systems
Tue Apr 27, 10:00Jan Rutten, Filippo Bonchi and Ivan Gazeau (Linear) Weighted Automata, algorithms and an application for bounding errors
Mon Apr 26, 14:30 Alexandra Silva and Marcello Bonsangue Adding expressivity to Coalgebra Theory: all the equivalences of FT-coalgebras!!!
Mon Apr 26, 10:00Catuscia Palamidessi and Mario Alvim From Information Theory to Kantorovich Metric: an application to anonimity and leakage
Tue Mar 23, 10:30 Jeremy Avigad Decision procedures, heuristic procedures, and formally verified mathematics
Wed Mar 10, 15:00 Cienzia Di Giusto On the Computational Strenght of Higher Order and Passivation
Wed Dec 09, 14:30Paolo Baldan Open Petri nets, Compositionality and Asynchrony
Fri Nov 27, 10:30Luca Aceto A Rule Format for Unit Elements
Wed Nov 25, 10:00 Jesus Aranda On the Expressivity of Infinite and Local Behaviour in Fragments of the Pi-calculus (Rehearsal PhD talk)
Fri Nov 13, 15:30Miguel Andres Probabilistic Anonymity and Admissible Schedulers.
Fri Nov 13, 14:00Miguel Andres Computing the Leakage of Information-Hiding Systems
Mon Nov 02, 14:30Yuri Gurevich The Church-Turing Thesis: Story and Recent Progress
Wed Oct 14, 14:30Brigitte Pientka Beluga: programming with dependent types and higher-order data
Wed Sep 30, 10:30 Ugo Montanari A Minimization Algorithm for Symbolic Bisimilarity
Tue May 26, 14:30Miguel Andres Conditional Probabilities over Probabilistic and Nondeterministic Systems
Tue May 12, 14:30Kai Bruennler Nested Sequents
Tue May 05, 14:30 Joachim Parrow Three holy grails of programming models
Fri Apr 03, 14:30Pawel Sobocinski An introduction to the wire calculus
Tue Mar 17, 14:30 Balaji Raman Application-Specific Workload Shaping in Resource-Constrained Media Players
Wed Mar 04, 14:30 Andrew Gacek A Framework for Specification, Prototyping, and Reasoning
Wed Feb 11, 14:30Marzia Buscemi A concurrent constraint pi-calculus: an overview.
Wed Dec 09, 14:30Paolo Baldan Celf: An implementation of the concurrent logical framework CLF.
Tue Dec 02, 14:30 Romain Beauxis and David Baelde Focusing in the asynchronous pi-calculus
Tue Nov 04, 14:30 Alessio Guglielmi Proof Identity, Proof Complexity and Deep Inference
Tue Oct 21, 11:00 Stefan Hetzl On the non-confluence of cut-elimination
Fri Oct 03, 14:30 Stefan Haar Partial Orders are good for you !
Mon Sep 15, 13:30 Linda Postniece Cut-elimination and Proof-search for Bi-Intuitionistic Logic Using Nested Sequents
Mon Sep 15, 14:25 Revantha Ramanayake Valentini's cut-elimination for provability logic resolved
Thu Jul 24, 16:00 Yuxi Fu Expressiveness of pi and CCS
Thu Jul 24, 15:00 Yuxin Deng Testing Probabilistic Processes
Tue Jun 17, 14:30 Simon Kramer Reducing Provability to Knowledge in Multi-Agent Systems
Fri Jun 13, 14:30 Jorge A. Perez On the Expressiveness and Decidability of Higher-Order Process Calculi
Mon Jun 16, 14:30 Roberto Bagnara On the Design of Generic Static Analyzers for Imperative Languages
Thu May 29, 11:00 Maribel Fernandez Nominal Matching and Alpha-Equivalence
Wed May 14, 16:00 Simon Kramer A General Definition of Malware
Tue Apr 08, 14:30 Carlos Olarte On the Expressive Power of Universal Timed Concurrent Constraint Programming
Tue Apr 01, 14:30 Luca Fossati A Petri Net Model of Handshake Circuits
Tue Mar 25, 14:30 Jesus Aranda CCS with Replication in the Chomsky Hierarchy: The Expressive Power of Divergence
Tue Mar 18, 14:30 Kazushige Terui Computational Ludics
Thu Mar 13, 10:30 Christelle Braun Overview on Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Theory
Thu Feb 28, 14:30 Noam Zeilberger Focusing with higher-order rules
Fri Feb 22, 14:00 Daniele Gorla Towards a Unified Approach to Encodability and Separation Results for Process Calculi
Tue Feb 19, 14:00 Romain Beauxis A probabilistic powerdomain extension for the concurrent constraint programming
Tue Jan 22, 14:00 Matteo Capelletti Parsing with Non-Associative Lambek Grammars
Tue Jan 15, 14:00 Kosta Dosen Théorie Générale de la Démonstration
Tue Nov 20, 14:00 Simon Kramer Towards Interactive Belief, Knowledge, and Provability: Possible Application to Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Thu Nov 15, 14:00 Antonino Salibra Algebra and topology in lambda calculus
Mon Oct 29, 14:00 Michael Mislove Probabilistic Input/Output Automata From a Domain-theoretic Perspective
Mon Oct 22, 14:00 Andrea Turrini Security Protocol Verification with Probabilistic Automata
Thu Oct 11, 14:00 Nicolas Guenot Multi-Focusing in Deep Inference
Thu Oct 05, 10:30 Simon Kramer Animation and Knowledge Programming for the Timed Calculus of Cryptographic Communication
Tue Oct 02, 14:00 Simon Kramer The Intended and Actual Meaning of a Cryptographic Message and Protocol
Tue Jun 19, 14:00 Cosimo Laneve The must preorder revisited -- an algebraic theory for web services contracts
Tue Jun 12, 14:00 Josef Widder Consensus in the Presence of Value Faults
Thu Jun 07, 15:00 Daniele Varacca Event structure semantics of the pi-calculus
Mon Jun 04, 15:00 Vladimiro Sassone A Bayesian model for event-based trust
Thu May 31, 14:00 Kaustuv Chaudhuri and Joelle Despeyroux A Hybrid Temporal Logical Framework for Systems Biology
Tue May 29, 14:00 Alexandre Miquel The experimental effectiveness of mathematical proofs .
Tue May 22, 14:30 Jean Krivine A platform for the Simulation and analysis of bio molecular systems in the kappa-calculus.
Thu May 10, 14:30 Arne Glenstrup Implementing Matching of Binding Bigraphs.
Thu May 3, 14:30 Robin Milner An Introduction to Bigraphs.
Tue Mar 13, 14:00 Ichiro Hasuo Probabilistic Anonymity via Coalgebraic Simulations.
Wed Feb 14, 15:00 Daniele Gorla On the Relative Expressive Power of Calculi for Mobility.
Fri Dec 15, 14:00 Sergio Maffeis Computational strength and expressivity results for process calculi using encodings.
Tue Dec 12, 14:00 Alexis Saurin Focalization as proof normalization
Tue Dec 5, 14:00 Martin Hutle Searching the Weakest Model for Consensus
Mon Dec 4, 11:00 Pietro Abate The Tableau WorkBench
Nov 24, 14:00 Romain Beauxis On the Asynchronous Nature of the Asynchronous Pi Calculus
Nov 23, 14:00 Pierre Sutra Eventual consistency and commitment in semantically-rich distributed systems
Nov 21, 14:00 Giulio Manzonetto R.e. Theories versus Effective Models
Oct 31Kostas Chatzikokolakis and

Catuscia Palamidessi
Anonymity Protocols as Noisy Channels
Oct 25Frank Valencia On Linearity vs Persistence and a FOL Interpretation of the pi-calculus
Oct 20 Glynn Winskel Event structures with symmetry
Oct 17 Chuck Liang Aspect-Oriented Programming in Higher-Order and Linear Logic
Sep 26 Tom Chothia Analysing the MUTE Anonymous File-Sharing System Using the Pi-calculus
Jun 23 John Mullins Analyse de flux d'information dans les protocoles cryptographique
Jun 15 Bernadette Charron-Bost The Iconoclast Hear-Of Model: Unifying all Benign Failures
Jun 13 Francois Lamarche Sémantique dénotationelle des preuves en logique classique
May 12 Cinzia Di Giusto The Power of Divergency
May 11 Sebastien Briais Open Bisimulation, Revisited
May 9 Steve Kremer Coercion-Resistance and Receipt-Freeness in Electronic Voting
Apr 4 Sylvain Peyronnet Approximate probabilistic verification
Mar 31Patrick Thévenon The DemoNat project
Mar 7 Daniele Gorla Comparing Communication Primitives via their Relative Expressive Power
Jan 10 Gopalan Nadathur Practical Higher-Order Pattern Unification with On-the-Fly Raising
Dec 12Elaine Pimentel On the specification of sequent systems
Dec 5 Steffen van Bakel The language X: term rewriting, continuations and classical types
Nov 8/25 Peng Wu An Introduction to Probabilistic Model Checking
Nov 7 Peng Wu An Introduction to Model Checking
Oct 20 Ugo Montanari Hoare vs Milner: Comparing Synchronizations in a Graphical Framework with Mobility
Oct 17 Mohammad Reza Mousavi SOS and all that...
Oct 10 Lutz Strassburger On the Role of Medial in a Boolean Category
Sep 29 Claudia Faggian L-nets, a game model of concurrent interaction
Sep 12Pawel Sobocinski Towards a General Theory of Labels from Reductions.
Jun 14 Ian Stark Free-Algebra Models for the Pi-Calculus
Jun 13 Andres Aristizabal An Introduction to SPL
Jun 6 Dina Goldin Interaction: Conjectures, Results, Myths
Jun 1 David Teller Many Ressources, one pi-calculus to Control Them All.
May 26 George Necula The Open Verifier Framework for Building Foundational Verifiers.
May 25 Bjorn Victor An introduction to Fusion and Solos.
May 24 Giuseppe Castagna A gentle introduction to semantic subtyping.
May 23 Jamie Gabbay Extended Nominal Rewritting: Abstraction vs Locality
May 20 Hagit Attiya Distributed Algorithms that Adapt to Contention
May 13 Prakash Panangaden Anonymous Leader Election with Quantum Resources
May 2Brigitte Pientka Overcoming Performance Barriers: efficient proof search in logical frameworks
Mar 22Yuxin Deng Metrics for Action-labelled Quantitative Transition Systems
Mar 17 Kostas Chatzikokolakis Different aspects of anonymity
Mar 15Yuxin Deng Axiomatisations and Types for Probabilistic and Mobile Processes
Mar 8Eduardo Bonelli Correspondence Assertions for Process Synchronization in Concurrent Communications
Mar 7Alberto Momigliano Automatic Certification of Resource Consumption
Mar 1Sylvain Pradalier Projective Membrane Calculus
Feb 24Kazunori Ueda LMNtal: a Language Model with Logical Links and Membranes
Feb 8Etienne Lozes On the expressiveness of spatial logics
Jan 25Catuscia Palamidessi Probabilistic anonymity
Jan 18Jun Pang Simplifying Itai-Rodeh Leader Election for Anonymous Rings
Jan 17Martin Lange Verification of Non-Regular Properties
Dec 15Alexis Saurin Separation in the Lambda-mu-calculus
Dec 7Maria Grazia Vigliotti Electoral Systems in Ambient Calculi
Nov 30Tom Chothia The Price of Guessing, in the pi-calculus
Nov 29Axelle Ziegler A format of congruence for open bisimulation in name-passing calculi
Nov 16Yuxin Deng Axiomatizations for probabilistic finite-state behaviors
Nov 9Andre Schiper Group Communication: where are we today and future challenges
Oct 26Bernadette Charron-Bost Reductions in Distributed Computing and applications to Agreement Tasks
Oct 19Kostas Chatzikokolakis Specification and Verification of Probabilistic Security Protocols
Oct 12Dale Miller Proof Search and Model Checking: An exploratory talk
Oct 6Jun Pang Verifying a Sliding Window Protocol in mCRL
Sep 17Tom Chothia Type-based Distributed Access Control


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