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Combinatorial methods, from enumerative topology to random discrete structures and compact data representations

ERC Research Starting Grant 2008-2013

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Brief summary

ExploreMaps is an effort to set up within LIX a leading research group in combinatorics and algorithmics. The activities of the group revolve primarily around the notion of combinatorial maps, that is, combinatorial descriptions of 2d surfaces, and embrace problems arising in a wide range of contexts: statistical physics, data compression, enumerative topology, etc. Our methodology resorts mainly to algorithmics and enumerative combinatorics.

Job openings

The current offers. If you are interested in working in our project do not hesitate to contact us.


The principal investigator of the project is Gilles Schaeffer.

The following researchers are currently associated to the project, at various levels of implication:

Former members:

Contact : Gilles Schaeffer.