Once upon a time…


During ten years, I have been a member of SNTRS-CGT (Trade union of the workers of scientific research), were I devoted myself to the local activities of the Polytechnique local section and took part to the executive commission of SNTRS. I was also for a short time a member of the executive commission of UGICT-CGT (Union of engineers, executives and technicians), which gave me a disappointing view of the confederation headquarters at Montreuil. One will find below my resigning letter.

At the end, I was convinced to leave SNTRS after a bad surprise when I was an elected member of the CAP (an administrative structure composed of an equal member of trade-unionists and administration representatives) which had to consider the case of Serge Thion, a colleague fired for his negationist activities. A leaflet taking position against his dismissal was distributed by some members of the national commission of SNTRS, without even asking our advice. Fortunately, they were just a minority, but it was enough for me. I was tired of the burden of confederation structures and bureaucrats, more concerned by survival strategies conditioned by their relations with Government or employers than devoted to their mission.

I keep the satisfaction of having met real militants and of having sometimes contributed to help some colleagues, mostly in CAP.

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