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Contacts with the University of Pavia

Mossotti had kept contacts with Pavia university. In 1814 he applied to the university for a chair as Professor in Algebra and Geometry. The university was glad to accept him, to the extent that they published his name in the teachers listgif, but the Royal Commission to the Studies denied him the right of teaching there because he was foreignergif. In a letter dated 19 October 1814 (M1), Mossotti reminded the Government of Lombardy that the objection to his teaching in Pavia because he was foreigner was not valid as he had already worked in the Brera Observatoire, which was at the time juridically dependent on Pavia university. The Government, however, still denied him the job.

The contacts Mossotti had with Pavia university were not limited to job interest: he still collaborated with Brunacci. In 1814 Mossotti published a paper Sul moto di un fluido elastico che esce da un vasogif in which he tried to explain some phenomena observed and published by Brunacci. Using some principles posed by Euler in his note to the Principes d'artillerie by Robins, Mossotti determined the velocity with which compressed air in a tube changes direction and the way the pressure changes on the tube walls. He also extended the theory to containers other than a tube.

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