Test of Time Awards, LICS 1991, for Hodas & Miller

Below is the citation from the Test-of-Time Award Committee, chaired by Andy Pitts, for this paper.

Joshua S. Hodas, Dale A. Miller

Logic programming in a fragment of intuitionistic linear logic

This is one of the first explorations of logic programming style proof search in Girard's linear logic. The paper radically changed the perception of what logic programming might be, on the heels of linear logic changing the perception of what logic might be. In contrast to the traditional intuitionistic basis of logic programming, this new foundation permitted "stateful" (eg. modelling database updates) and "resourceful" (eg. in linguistic models) declarative models.

The original conference paper is available as a technical report from the University of Edinburgh. The paper was revised and published in Information & Computation, 1994 (pdf).

Miller used some slides in accepting this award.