Exercises for CSE 428

This page contains a collection of solved exercises on the material of CSE 428. They are meant as optional exercises for the students of CSE 428 and for the graduate students to check their level of knowledge of the topics covered in CSE 428. They are particularly recommended as additional preparation for the CSE 428 exams and the candidacy exam.

Note: Different semesters might cover different parts of the material. Hence some of the exercises below might refer to material that is not covered in the present semester.

List of exercises and their solutions, divided by topic

  1. Grammars, solutions
  2. Expressions, solutions
  3. Imperative programming, solutions
  4. Scope, parameters, allocation, solutions
  5. Abstract Data Types, solutions
  6. OO and C++, solutions
  7. Concurrency and Java, solutions
  8. ML, solutions
  9. Higher Order, solutions
  10. Types, solutions
  11. Prolog, solutions