Spring 2000, CSE 428: About Midterm 1

Logistical info

Format of the exam

The exam will consists of a list of questions. You should write the answers on the same sheets. There is no need to justify your answer, unless it is explicitly requested in the text of the question.

Bonus for "no answer"

If you don't know the solution to one question, you may choose to give "no answer" by leaving blank the space for the solution. For each question to which you give no answer you will receive a bonus of 10% of the maximum score for that question, rounded to the next higher integer score. If you start writing the answer, and later you wish you had left it blank, just draw a line over your answer and write the word "BLANK" in large letters.

Preparation for the midterm

A test will be posted here on Friday 2/11. This test will not be graded, but you are encouraged to try to solve it by yourself as a preparation to the MT exam. The MT will have the same kind of questions as the test. The class of Tuesday 2/15 will be dedicated to explaining and discussing the solution of the test.

Additionally, you can find here a collection of solved exercises on the material explained so far.

Previous midterms and exams

Note: some of the questions in the exams listed below are about material which has not been covered (yet) this semester.

Some of the files below are in ps format. The corresponding pdf format is also available: just change the postfix "ps" into "pdf" in the URL and you will get the pdf file. For some of them also the tex file is available: just change the postfix "ps" into "tex".