Complexity theory with discrete ODEs

Théorie de la complexité avec des équations différentielles discrètes

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This will happen in Orleans, on January 12th 2024.


  • Centre International Universitaire pour la Recherche (Hôtel Dupanloup)
    • Hôtel Dupanloup - Université d’Orléans
    • 1 rue Dupanloup - 45000 ORLÉANS
    • Salon bleu

How to get there: (5’ or 10’ from the Train station of Orléans)


  • 10h00: Welcoming (coffee and co).
  • 10h15: Eric Goles, A few models of automata: convergence and complexity. Slides Δ
  • 11h15: Mathieu Sablik. Computability of the attractors. Slides
  • Echanges & Repas
  • 14h15: Arnaud Durand. Recursion Theory, complexity and discrete differential equations. Slides Δ
  • 15h00: Fatemeh Ghasemi. FO-model checking on tame classes of graphs. Slides
  • 15h30: Riccardo Gozzi. Discontinuous IVPs with unique solutions. Slides Δ
  • 16h00: Olivier Bournez. Measuring the robustness of dynamical systems. Joint work and slides from Manon Blanc. Slides
  • 16h30: Discussions
  • 17h00: End & Conclusion.
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