sysmo team

IBM Faculty Award

Leo Liberti received an IBM Faculty Award in 2015

Robert Faure Prize 2015

Claudia D'Ambrosio was awarded the 2015 Robert Faure Prize

Best paper awards

A SIAM Review paper co-authored by Leo Liberti was awarded a notable article mention by the ACM Computing Reviews "Annual Best of Computing" in 2014

Leo Liberti was awarded the 2012 annual best paper award for the Journal of Global Optimization

Leo Liberti was awarded the 2012 Glover-Klingman prize (best paper on "Networks" journal)

Xavier Gransart Prize 2010

Alberto Costa belongs to the winners of the mathemical prize Xavier Gransart.

EURO/ROADEF Challenge 2010

We won the EURO/ROADEF Challenge 2010 in the senior category!

Robert Faure Prize 2009

Leo Liberti received the second position for the Robert Faure prize 2009.

Theory is when one knows everything but nothing works.
Practice is when everything works but nobody knows why.
In our team, theory and practice are combined: nothing works and nobody knows why.