LIX Colloquium
Reachability Problems'09

September 23rd-25th 2009

Ecole Polytechnique, France

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Wednesday, September 23.

  • 9h00: Bus Departure in Paris for the bus Paris -> Palaiseau

Opening & Coffee Break

  • 9h45-10h20: Registration & Coffee Break
  • 10h20-10h30: Opening

Moshe Vardi's Invited Talk (10h30-11h30)

  • Model Checking as A Reachability Problem, Moshe Vardi Slides

Session 1 (11h30-12h40)

  • 11h30- 12h05:
    • Automatic Verification of Directory-based Consistency Protocols, Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Giorgio Delzanno and Ahmed Rezine
  • 12h05-12h40:
    • A Reduction Theorem for the Verification of Round-Based Distributed Algorithms, Mouna Chaouch-Saad, Bernadette Charron-Bost and Stephan Merz

Lunch break (12h40-14h00)

Oded Maler's Invited Talk (14h00-15h00)

  • Reachability for Continuous and Hybrid Systems, Oded Maler Slides

Coffee break (15h00-15h20)

Session 2 (15h20- 17h40)

  • 15h20-15h55:
    • Abstract Counterexamples for Non-Disjunctive Abstractions, Kenneth McMillan and Lenore Zuck
  • 15h55-16h30:
    • Computable CTL* for Discrete-Time and Continuous-Space Dynamic Systems, Pieter Collins and Ivan Zapreev
  • 16h30-17h05:
    • Limit Set Reachability in Asynchronous Graph Dynamical Systems, Anil Vullikanti, Henning Mortveit and Matt Macauley
  • 17h05-17h40:
    • Cross-Checking - Enhanced Over-Approximation of the Reachable Global State Space of Component-based Systems, Christoph Minnameier and Mila Majster-Cederbaum

  • 18h00: Bus Departure in Palaiseau for the bus Palaiseau -> Paris

Thursday, September 24.

  • 8h30: Bus Departure in Paris for the bus Paris -> Palaiseau

Ahmed Bouajjani's Invited Talk (9h30-10h30)

  • On the Reachability Problem for Dynamic Networks of Concurrent Pushdown Systems, Ahmed Bouajjani and Mohamed Faouzi Atig

Coffee Break (10h30-10h50)

Session 3 (10h50-12h35)

  • 10h50-11h25:
    • Games on Higher Order Multi-Stack Pushdown Systems, Anil Seth
  • 11h25-12h00:
    • Forward Analysis of Dynamic Networks of Pushdown Systems is Easier without Order, Denis Lugiez
  • 12h00-12h35:
    • How to Tackle Integer Weighted Automata Positivity, Yohan Boichut, Pierre-Cyrille Heam and Olga Kouchnarenko

Lunch break (12h35-14h00)

Alexander Shen's Invited Talk (14h00-15h00)

  • Algorithmic Information Theory and Foundations of Probability, Alexander Shen


Coffee break (15h00-15h20)

Session 4 (15h20- 17h05)

  • 15h20-15h55:
    • Games with Opacity Condition, Bastien Maubert and Sophie Pinchinat
  • 15h55-16h30:
    • An Undecidable Permutation of the Natural Numbers, Eero Lehtonen
  • 16h30-17h05:
    • The periodic domino problem is undecidable in the hyperbolic plane, Maurice Margenstern

  • 17h15: Bus Departure in Palaiseau for the bus Palaiseau -> Paris

Social events

  • Social event (optional visit)
  • 20h15:
    • Dinner at a restaurant in Paris

Friday, September 25.

  • 8h30: Bus Departure in Paris for the bus Paris -> Palaiseau

Thomas Henzinger's Invited Talk (9h30-10h30)

  • Formalisms for Specifying Markovian Population Models, Thomas Henzinger, Barbara Jobstmann and Verena Wolf

Coffee Break (10h30-10h50)

Session 5 (10h50-12h35)

  • 10h50-11h25:
    • On Yen's Path Logic for Petri Nets, Mohamed Faouzi Atig and Peter Habermehl
  • 11h25-12h00:
    • Counting multiplicity over infinite alphabets, Amaldev Manuel and R. Ramanujam
  • 12h00-12h35:
    • Probabilistic Model Checking of Biological Systems with Uncertain Kinetic Rates, Roberto Barbuti, Francesca Levi, Paolo Milazzo and Guido Scatena

Lunch break (12h35-13h45)

  • 13h45: Bus Departure in Palaiseau for the bus Palaiseau -> Paris

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