Workshop on Smart Object Security, 23rd March 2012, Paris

Position Paper List

Last updated: 29th March 2012

1. Michael Richardson, "Challenges in Smart Object Security: too many layers, not enough ram"

2. Mitsuru Kanda, Yoshihiro Ohba, Subir Das, Stephen Chasko, "PANA applicability in constrained environments"

3. Randy Bush, "An Operational View of Trust Needs of Moving Objects"

4. Andrei Gurtov, Ilya Nikolaevsky, Andrey Lukyanenko,"Using HIP DEX for Key Management and Access Control in Smart Objects"

5. Jens-Matthias Bohli, "Access Tokens for the IoT "

6. Sye Loong Keoh, Martina Brachmann, Oscar Garcia-Morchon, Sye-Loong Keoh, Sandeep S. Kumar, "Security Considerations around End-to-End Security in the IP-based Internet of Things"

7. Kazunori Miyazawa, "Convergence of Smart Objects in industrial wireless sensor network"

8. Thomas Bartzsch, Dirk Burggraf, Laura Cristina, Alexis Olivereau, Nouha Oualha, Emil Slusanschi, Dan Tudose, Markus Wehner, Sven Zeisberg, "AAA-based Infrastructure for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks"

9. Philip Ginzboorg, Fida Khattak, Philip Ginzboorg, Valtteri Niemi, Jan-Erik Ekberg, "Role of Border Router in 6LoWPAN Security"

10. Thomas Fossati, Angelo Castellani, Salvatore Loreto, "(Un)trusted Intermediaries in CoAP"

11. -- deleted --

12. René Hummen, Christian Röller, Klaus Wehrle, "Modeling User-defined Trust Overlays for the IP-based Internet of Things"

13. Sam Hartman, Margaret Wasserman, "Federation, ABFAB and Smart Devices"

14. Cary Bran, Joseph Stachula "Device Pairing: Lessons Learned"

15. Jan Janak, Hyunwoo Nam, Henning Schulzrinne, "On Access Control in the Internet of Things"

16. René Struik, "Cryptography and Security for Highly Constrained Networks"

17. Zhen Cao, Hui Deng, "The Architecture of Open Security Capability"

18. Zhou Sujing, Xie Zhenhua, "On Cryptographic Approaches to Internet-Of-Things Security"

19. Monique Morrow, Nancy Cam Winget, "Security Implications to Smart Addressable Objects"

20. Jouni Korhonen, "Applying Generic Bootstrapping Architecture for use with Constrained Devices"

21. Olaf Bergmann, Stefanie Gerdes, Carsten Bormann, "Simple Keys for Simple Smart Objects"

22. Jari Arkko, Mohit Sethi, Ari Keränen, "Practical Considerations and Implementation Experiences in Securing Smart Object Networks"

23. Paul Chilton, "Experiences and Challenges in using constrained Smart Objects"

24. Vladislav Perelman, Mehmet Ersue, "TLS with PSK for Constrained Devices"

25. Richard Barnes, "Security for Smart Objects beyond COMSEC: Principals and Principles"

26. Rudolf Vanderberg, "OECD Publication on Machine-to-Machine Communications: Connecting Billions of Devices", OECD Digital Economy Papers, No. 192, OECD Publishing

27. Cullen Jennings, "Transitive Trust Enrollment for Constrained Devices"

28. Barbara Fraser, Paul Duffy, Maik Seewald, "Smart Objects: Security Challenges from the Power Sector"

29. Hannes Tschofenig, "Smart Object Security: Considerations for Transport Layer Security Implementations"

30. Johannes Gilger, Ulrike Meyer, "Secure Pairing & Policy Frameworks"

31. Klaas Wierenga, "Scalable Authentication for Smart Objects"

32. Dirk Stegemann, Jamshid Shokrollahi, "Security in the Internet of Things - Experiences from Use Cases"

33. Alper Yegin, "Credentials for Smart Objects: A Challenge for the Industry"

34. Shahid Raza, Thiemo Voigt, Vilhelm Jutvik, "Lightweight IKEv2: A Key Management Solution for both the Compressed IPsec and the IEEE 802.15.4 Security"

35. Eric Rescorla, "A Brief Survey of Imprinting Options for Constrained Devices"

36. Fred Baker, "Security in distributed telemetry and control networks"