Lix Postdoctoral Fellowship

Call for Postdoc Applications in Computer Science

The Laboratory for Computer Science at Ecole Polytechnique de Paris (LIX) is inviting applications for its 2014-2015 LIX Postdoctoral Fellowship for research in computer science.

LIX offers a unique academic research environment, bringing together permanent staff researchers from CNRS and INRIA as well as resident faculty from Ecole Polytechnique. We encourage a mixture of theoretical, applied, and experimental research. Including academic visitors, postdoctoral fellows, and PhD students, LIX is home to about 120 researchers, organized in research teams on the following themes:

  • Algebraic Models (Max)
  • Algorithms and Complexity (Ateam)
  • Algorithms and Models for Biology (BioInfo)
  • Automatic Deduction and Logic Specifications (Parsifal)
  • Combinatorial Models (Combinatoire)
  • Concurrency, Mobility and Transactions (Com├Ęte)
  • Cryptography and Coding Theory (Crypto)
  • High Performance Communications (Hypercom)
  • System Modeling and Optimization (Sysmo)
  • Types, Logic and Computation (Typical)

See for detailed information about the LIX research teams.

The Fellowship

The LIX postdoctoral fellowship provides young scientists of outstanding quality an opportunity to advance their academic career as resident research fellows in some of the above-mentioned themes. While the fellows are expected to develop their activities within the hosting team(s) at LIX, they are also free to pursue their own research goals. Applicants are strongly encouraged to make contact with staff researchers in their team(s) of research before submitting an application. Applicants should clearly identify one or two teams they would like to join, and the researcher(s) that they would like to collaborate with, in their application documents.

A PDF version of this call is in SUBMISSION CLOSED