Lix Postdoctoral Fellowship

Submit Candidature


The fellowship will be for one year with the option of applying for renewal for one additional year. The fellowship is supported by a competitive stipend. Applicants must have received a PhD degree after January 2013 or should expect to receive one before the fellowship commences in Fall 2014. Candidates with PhDs awarded in 2012 or earlier will not be eligible.


Candidates must submit their applications online at SUBMISSION CLOSED by Monday, June 30, 2014. They will be notified of the result by Monday, July 21, 2014.

Applicants should submit (1) their research proposal, as a paper, and (2) an attachment including their CV, list of publications, and recommendation letters. More precisely:

  1. The proposal should be written in English and submitted as a paper in PDF of at most three pages. It should describe the activities that the candidate proposes to undertake. The paper should have a final section indicating the names of the researchers at LIX that the candidate proposes to work with during the fellowship. The candidate should be the sole author of the submission. Only one proposal per applicant is allowed.
  2. The attachment should be a ZIP file with the following documents in PDF:
    1. The candidate's CV, listing: contact information as well as the academic degrees obtained together with date and name of the institution conferring them. For doctoral theses not yet defended, include the scheduled date of defense. The CV should also include the names of at most three references together with their institutions and their relationship with the candidate (e.g., supervisor, collaborator, teacher, etc). The CV may include current position, research experience, and awards.
    2. The candidate's publication list:It should indicate the precise publication venue and date for each publication. At most five publications that are most relevant to the research proposal should appear first, in a clearly marked section, followed by the remaining publications ordered chronologically. The publications where the candidate is the primary author should be underlined or clearly indicated. Candidates are encouraged to provide links to online versions of their publications.
    3. Recommendation letters: The candidate can include up to three recommendation letters written by the references mentioned in their CV (see 2.a). Alternatively, the references can send their recommendations to Frank Valencia before Friday, July 4, 2014.