Jonas Lefèvre

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I am currently employed as research assistant at the Loughborough University. I work with Amitabh Trehan in the COSHER project.

During the previous academic years, I was employed as by ATER (something like a teaching assistant) at the University of Paris-Diderot. and the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and as research assitant by the University of Paderborn where I was working with Christian Scheideler on selfstabilizing graphs.

I did my PhD at LIX under the supervision of Olivier Bournez in Ecole Polytechnique near Paris, France. I defended on 9 december 2014.

During my thesis I work mainly on two topics : the Population Protocol Model and the Distributed Matching Problem. The Population Protocol is a model of distributed computation using tiny passively mobile agents. The Distributed Matching Problem is to find a matching as big as possible in a distributed way : each agent tries to match with one of its neighboor without any knowledge about the global configuration of the system.

If you want to read more about my work, have a look at my publications.

If you really want to see what I can look like, it is here.

More details about what I do now and did before can be found in this resume (the same in french).


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