Geometric Theory of Information

Frank Nielsen (Ed.)
13 chapters, Preface, Index
Springer-Verlag 2014.
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Book cover Table of contents
  • Preface
  • Divergence Functions and Geometric Structures They Induce on a Manifold
    by Jun Zhang
  • Geometry on Positive Definite Matrices Deformed by V-potentials and Its Submanifold Structure
    by Atsumi Ohara and Shinto Eguchi
  • Hessian structures and divergence functions on deformed exponential families
    by Hiroshi Matsuzoe and Masayuki Henmi
  • Harmonic maps relative to α-connections
    by Keiko Uohashi
  • A Riemannian geometry in the q-exponential Banach manifold induced by q-divergences
    by Héctor R. Quiceno, Gabriel I. Loaiza and Juan C. Arango
  • Computational algebraic methods in efficient estimation
    by Kei Kobayashi and Henry P. Wynn
  • Eidetic Reduction of Information Geometry through Legendre Duality of Koszul Characteristic Function and Entropy: from Massieu-Duhem Potentials to Geometric Souriau Temperature and Balian Quantum Fisher Metric
    by Fréd\'eric Barbaresco
  • Distances on Spaces of High-Dimensional Linear Stochastic Processes: A Survey
    by Bijan Afsari and René Vidal
  • Discrete Ladders for Parallel Transport in Transformation Groups with an Affine Connection Structure
    by Marco Lorenzi and Xavier Pennec
  • A Diffeomorphic Iterative Centroid Method
    by Claire Cury, Joan A. Glaunès and Olivier Colliot
  • Hartigan's method for k-MLE : Mixture modeling with Wishart distributions and its application to motion retrieval
    by Christophe Saint-Jean and Frank Nielsen
  • Morphological processing of univariate Gaussian distribution-valued images based on Poincaré upper-half plane representation
    by Jesús Angulo and Santiago Velasco-Forero
  • Dimensionality reduction for classification of stochastic texture images
    by C.T.J. Dodson and W.W. Sampson
  • Index

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