Nicolás E. Bordenabe

I'm a postdoctoral researcher and former PhD student at the Comète group in the Computer Science Lab (LIX) at École Polytechnique. I did my PhD under the supervision of Catuscia Palamidessi and Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis. My research is mainly focused on a generalization of the well-known notion of differential privacy, and the study of its applications in different domains, with particular interest in the case of location privacy.

My research interests include Location Privacy, Differential Privacy, Quantitative Information Flow, Formal Verification and Algorithms.


Contact Information

Centre de recherche Saclay - ĂŽle-de-France
Bâtiment Alan Turing
1 rue Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves
Campus de l'École Polytechnique
91120 Palaiseau, France
Office: 2068
Phone: +33 (0) 1 77 57 80 18
Email: nbordenabe [at]

Latest Publications

Optimal Geo-Indistinguishable Mechanisms for Location Privacy.
N. E. Bordenabe, K. Chatzikokolakis, C. Palamidessi.
Proc. of CCS 2014 [Report]

Geo-Indistinguishability: Differential Privacy for Location Based Systems.
M. E. Andrés, N. E. Bordenabe, K. Chatzikokolakis, C. Palamidessi.
Proc. of CCS 2013 [Report]

Broadening the scope of Differential Privacy using metrics.
K. Chatzikokolakis, M. E. Andrés, N. E. Bordenabe, C. Palamidessi.
Proc. of PETS 2013 [Report]