Optimization seminars @ SYSMO team, LIX, Ecole Polytechnique

Upcoming seminars:

Past seminars:

10/10/2014: Michele Barbato (LIPN, Paris 13) "Lexicographical polytopes", slides.

03/07/2014: Andrew R. Conn (IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA) "Derivative Free Optimization", slides1, slides2.

03/07/2014: Jon Lee (U. Michigan, USA) "Some Aspects of MINLP", slides.

29/04/2014: Joao Pedro Pedroso (Universidade do Porto, Portugal) "Models for the recursive circle packing problem".

13/12/2013: Carla Michini (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) "Compact representations of all members of an independence system".

22/10/2013: Valentina Cacchiani (University of Bologna, Italy) "Models and Algorithms for an Integrated Fleet-Assignment, Aircraft-Routing and Crew-Pairing Problem", abstract.

04/09/2013: Christoph Buchheim (Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany) "Tractable Relaxations for Integer Quadratic Optimization", abstract.

30/08/2013: Giacomo Nannicini (SUTD, Singapore) "A computationally efficient FPTAS for convex stochastic dynamic programs".

16/08/2013: Roberto Rossi (University of Edinburgh, UK) "Piecewise linear approximations of the standard normal first order loss function and an application to stochastic inventory control".

18/07/2013: Afef Bouzaiene "Study and Resolution of a Bicriteria Batching Scheduling Problem ".

11/07/2013: Andrea Cassioli (LIX) "On Some Insight and Extensions of the Radial Basis Function Methods ", slides.

27/06/2013: Alberto Costa (SUTD, Singapore) "Radial Basis Function method for black-box optimization and application to architectural design", abstract, slides.

25/04/2013: Andrea Cassioli (LIX) "A Tutorial on Black-Box Optimization", slides.

31/10/2012: Fabrizio Marinelli (Universita Politecnica delle Marche) "Models and algorithms for 1-dimensional cutting problems".