PUJ Colloquium in Concurrency



Colloquium Overview

The Colloquium Forces (FORmalisms from Concurrency for Emergent Systems) will take place at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali  during April 23-25, 2008. This will be an occasion to discuss different approaches from concurrency theory to model and analyse emergent applications such as biological systems, security and multimedia interaction.


FORCES Coordinators


Frank D. Valencia

Permanent member of COMETE and CNRS. Associate Research Scientist (CR2) at LIX.

frank.valencia at lix dot polytechnique dot fr

Camilo Rueda

Leader of the AVISPA team and Full Professor and Chair of the Dept.of Science and  Engineering of Computing at PUJ

crueda at cic dot puj dot edu dot co

Carlos Olarte.

PhD Student at LIX.

carlos.olarte at lix dot polytechnique dot fr



Alejandro Arbelaez (U. Paris Sud)

Jesus Aranda (LIX)

Andrés Aristizabal (PUJ)

Romain Beauxis (LIX)

Carlos Olarte (LIX)

Jorge A. Perez (U. Bologna)

Sylvain Pradalier (LIX)

Camilo Rueda (PUJ)

Gerardo Sarria (PUJ)

Frank D. Valencia (LIX)

Jhon A. Vargas (UV)

Angela Villota (UV)