2nd FORCES Workshop in Concurrency.

April 13 - April 24 2009.

The project FORCES is an INRIA Equipes Associée that aims at promoting collaboration between the teams COMETE and AVISPA. As part of this project, a series of talks and meetings will take place at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali from April the 13th to April 24th 2009. The main goal is to advance in our current work and define new work directions. Furthermore, we shall define particular work plans for thesis and research stages for B.Sc. and Master students from Universidad Javeriana and Universidad del Valle.



April 13
Speaker Title
14:00 Carlos Olarte Towards a Unified Framework for Declarative Structured Communications (Slides)
15:00 Henry Perez and Arley Muñoz. Encoding the Brane calculus into utcc
April 14
14:00 Jesus Aranda. Stochastic Behaviour and Explicit Discrete Time in Concurrent Constraint Programming
15:00 Diana Patricia Hermith Modeling Biological Systems using CCP
16:00 Michael Martinez Towards a VHDL-to-NTCC encoding
17:00 Jaime Parra Cytocomputation
April 17
10:45 Jesus Aranda. On the Expressive Power of Restriction and Priorities in CCS with Replication
11:15 Carlos Olarte and Camilo Rueda. A Declarative Language for Dynamic Multimedia Interaction Systems (Slides)
April 21
14:30 Andres Aristizabal. Representing NTCC with chu spaces
15:30 Frank D. Valencia REACT-PLUS Robust theories for Emerging Applications in Concurrency Theory: Processes and Logic Used in Emergent Systems
16:30 Mauricio Toro Automatic verification in pntcc
17:15 John Vargas Extending CCP for modeling Spatial Behaviour (Slides)
Detailed Program here.

Date Participants Topic
? Frank D. Valencia, Juan F. Díaz and Jesus Aranda Jesus' thesis progress and future work
? Camilo Rueda, Frank D. Valencia, Mauricio Toro and Carlos Olarte Synchronization of multiple agents in multimedia interaction systems
Wed 15, 14:00. Camilo Rueda, Frank D. Valencia and Mauricio Toro AVISPA publicity.
Wed 15, 15:00 Carlos Ramírez and Jesus Aranda Thesis/research stage proposal
Wed 15, 16:00. Diana Hermith and Jesus Aranda Modeling of Biological systems.
Thu 16, 14:00. Luis Fernando Pino and Frank D. Valencia Thesis/research stage proposal
Thu 16, 15:00. Angela Villota and Jesus Aranda Modeling of Biological systems


Talks and meetings will take place at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali in the following rooms:

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