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Scientific pole: Modeling, Simulation & Learning


The AMIBio team is a research group in Bioinformatics, interested in the development of computational/algorithmic methods for molecular and structural biology, with a specific focus and expertise on RiboNucleic Acids (RNAs). Starting from genomic sequences and high-throughput sequencing data, they aim to decipher the structure(s) of macromolecules, their interactions, evolution and, more recently, rational design towards their utilization in synthetic biology, biotechnology and health.

Permanent researchers

Sarah BERKEMER (Polytechnique)

Yann Ponty (Cnrs)

Jean-Marc Steyaert (Polytechnique)

Sebastian WILL (Polytechnique)

PhD students

Théo BOURY (Polytechnique)

Nan PAN (Polytechnique)

Interns and apprentices