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Scientific pole: Computer Mathematics


The OptimiX team’s researchers are interested in Operation Research, mathematical programming, formal language, linear and non-linear optimization, and more generally in mathematics for decision-making in different forms.

We develop mathematical models and methods to study/analyze/solve practical problems from different application areas to support organizations in their decision-making processes. The application areas are diverse: transport, energy, environment, telecommunications, engineering, finance, bioinformatics, natural language processing, data science, etc.

Permanent researchers

Associated or temporary researchers

Maissa DAADAA (Polytechnique)

Arnaud GRIVET SÉBERT (Polytechnique)

Cristina MOLERO (Polytechnique)

PhD students

Jeremie DENTAN (Polytechnique)

Mohamed DHOUIB (Polytechnique)

Clément ELLIKER (Polytechnique)

Administrative and technical staff

Renan SPENCER TRINDADE (Polytechnique)

Interns and apprentices

Valentin DENEE (Polytechnique)

Mathis LE BAIL (Polytechnique)

Sebastian TABOH (Polytechnique)