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STREAM is a Computer Graphics group, tackling geometric modeling and computer animation problems. Our main focus is the extraction and representation of structure contained in static or in dynamic 3D contents. Understanding and modeling structure enables us to process contents in a unified way, were they captured data, simulation results, or rough user input such as sketches. The identified structures and correspondences can be used for meaningful content visualization, manipulation and editing, for fast design of structurally-similar contents, for data completion and replication of details, as well as for shape and motion transfer with automatic adaptation to a new context. Our research benefits from the variety of technical backgrounds of team members, which range from expressive shape design and animation to geometry processing and computational geometry.

Permanent researchers

Marie-Paule Cani (Polytechnique)

Maksims Ovsjanikovs (Polytechnique)

Damien Rohmer (Polytechnique)

Associated or temporary researchers

Ruqi Huang (Polytechnique)

Amal Dev PARAKKAT (Polytechnique)

PhD students

Administrative and technical staff

Etienne Corman (Polytechnique)

François Destelle (Polytechnique)