Laboratoire d'informatique de l'École polytechnique

Welcome afternoon for new members at LIX

Speaker: Alain Couvreur
Location: Room Grace Hopper, Alan Turing building
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2017, 14:00-17:00

LIX organizes an information afternoon for new members at LIX on Friday october 13 at 2pm in Grace Hopper room.

The program:

  • Welcome from M. Regnier (Director of LIX)
  • presentation of contacts PhD students at LIX (M. Albenque and A. Couvreur)
  • presentation of the contact for postdocs (B. Smith)
  • Miscellaneous information on LIX and the Turing Building (S. Jabinet)
  • Information about professional training (J.-M. Notin)
  • Presentation of the PhD student team and the PhD seminar (D. Nogeng)

The afternoon will be concluded by a coffee in the atrium of Turing building.