Laboratoire d'informatique de l'École polytechnique

Sémin'Ouvert : « Under and over approximated reachability analysis for the verification of control systems », par Sylvie Putot (équipe Cosynus)

Speaker: Sylvie Putot
Location: amphi. Germain (bât. Turing)
Date: Jeu. 21 mars. 2019, 14h30-15h30

This talk will present a class of methods to compute under and over approximating flowpipes for uncertain differential systems, possibly with delays, systems that are pervasive in the modeling of networked control systems. Computing over-approximations of the reachable states has become a classical tool for the safety verification of control systems. Under-approximations are notoriously more difficult to compute, and their use for verification much less studied. I will discuss the guarantees and properties that can be obtained from the joint use of these under and over-approximations for control systems with inputs and disturbances.